3 Life-Saving Tips for OCD Moms


I’ve been living with OCD for far longer than my official diagnosis. In fact, I think I’ve been mothering with OCD for almost 15 years. It’s been tricky and certainly not easy. Kids are all about messes and chaos. Husbands, too, for that matter. Combine them and you have a recipe for OCD disaster!

I’ve never wanted to restrict my kids from being kids and relishing in fun projects and activities. So through a lot of trial and error, I have come up with some ways to better manage my compulsion to have everything orderly with allowing my kids to have some chaotic freedom. Below are three life-saving tips for OCD moms:

  • Have them pick up one mess before starting another. If they’ve pulled all 36,542 Legos into the middle of the living room creating a mini-ocean of pain pellets for your feet, have them pick these up before venturing to their bedrooms to make forts out of blankets. It’s not too much to ask and it’s certainly not being mean. You’re actually teaching them a very important life skill, helping them to hopefully become organized individuals.
  • Keep potential background messes to a minimum. What I mean by this is have some good organizational systems in place for things like your junk drawer, linen closet, desk and so on. With these being in a relatively tidy condition, your OCD will be less likely to flare up due to a few “frontline” messes your kids (and husband) make.
  • Take a minute before beginning your day and write this on a piece of paper.  “When I’m lying on my death bed, I won’t be thinking about a clean, organized house. I’ll be thinking about the ones I love.” Whenever you start to feel a bout of OCD coming on, grab this piece of paper and read it! Throw it away before you go to bed, and write it again the next day. Trust me. It helps put things into perspective and REALLY works.
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  1. The Dose of Reality

    I am going to start doing number three each day. It’s so true and I need that perspective. I hope it helps!!
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  2. Joyce Parker

    I used to be that way when it came to my house being spotless at all times. It was so bad, I would even empty and clean an ash tray while my company was using it! I would clean my kitchen floor three times a day, and would get up out of my chair while watching tv to clean it up if I spotted a speck of dirt on the floor.

    I would empty out the linen closet and wash every sheet, pillow case, table cloth, etc., even though I washed them before putting them away. And then I would re-fold and neatly stack and organize them, making sure even the fitted sheets were folded so neatly you had to unfold it to see if it was a flat or fitted sheet.

    I would arrange my spices alphabetically, and could tell if a chair in the living room had been moved an inch. The tablecloth on the dining table had to hang perfectly straight and even, and the centerpiece had to be exactly in the center.

    I’m so happy to say I’ve overcome my obsession in my older years. I think the only thing I still insist on is that all of my towels and wash cloths be folded and stacked ‘exactly right’, with the hem side folded in and the edges even.

    And at this very moment, I even have a few dirty dishes in the sink because I didn’t feel like emptying the clean ones from the dishwasher. And I even have some junk mail stacked on the kitchen counter. Will wonders never cease? 😉

  3. Tess

    I might have a touch of that. I love the idea of that reminder every day!
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  4. misssrobin

    I love these tips. And I think they’ll be helpful to all moms, not just those with OCD. We all get a little uptight about the mess of raising kids.

    My husband has pretty bad OCD. It’s taken lots of therapy and medication to get him to a place where just living with me and the kids isn’t so stressful that he loses his temper frequently. I’m glad you’re aware of how your illness affects those around you and are doing your best to let them have normal lives instead of letting your illness control them. It matters.

    Stopping by from SITS.
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