5 Blogging Lessons We Can Learn from Supernatural (Guest Post)


Okay… so the whole zombie thing is cool and all and yes, there are blogging lessons we can learn from the shuffling horrors but personally, I’d much rather be schooled by Sam, Dean, or Castiel of Supernatural. If I’m being honest, perhaps a demon who’s actually a really nice guy despite the horns, glowing eyes, and bulging demonic muscles.

Within its dark, gothic storylines Supernatural bestows 5 more blogging lessons to complement those found in zombie cult classic, The Walking Dead.

You Need Someone to Have Your Back

If you’re smart, strategic, and have finely honed primal instincts you have a sporting chance of surviving by yourself in the blogosphere… for a very short time and then you and your blog will die. Well you won’t, but your blog is definitely a goner.

When you’re going up against a legion of competing blogs you need to find some blog buddies who will support your endeavors and vice versa. You need to make friends.

It’s Important to Have the Right Tool for the Job

Ahh the number of times I’ve tried a silver bullet when I really needed three-day old virgin’s wee and raw, feral kale harvested under a blood moon. Yeah, that number is a big fat zero but there is an overwhelming number of tools you could employ to improve your blogging. Use due diligence and research your butt off to firstly define your issue or goal then do it all again to find the right tool for the job.

It’s up to you to choose well.

You Gotta be Smart to Stay Alive

Identify your blogging goals, develop a strategy to achieve them, and commit your energies to pursuing them. Assess the effectiveness of each action in helping you achieve your goals and pivot quickly to make changes when you need to.

Not being bloggy smart puts you at risk of becoming yet another of the blog undead. Not really dead but…

Be Cool Bro

Wherever those boys travel, they do it dripping with the cool only a black 1967 Chevy Impala can impart. It enhances their devil-may-care attitude and speaks volumes about their brand. Define your own brand and make sure your visual elements and voice are saturated with it.

You are your brand honey, commit to it fully.

Believe in the Impossible

There’s a tendency for many of us in a new situation to second guess our ability to live up to our aspirations. There’s a devilish voice reminding us of all our insecurities and doubts, that our dreams are ridiculous or beyond our reach. Be realistic but be staunch in pursuit of your goals… face your demons and go hard.

And whether zombies or rough-edged warriors in blue jeans and leather are your cup of tea, there are lessons in both shows you can use to your blogging benefit.  Even if you do get distracted by the teacher.


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