A Happy First BEE-day!


Aless turned one last Friday, which I begged her NOT to do. I’ve asked her to stay six-months-old forever, but she has declined each and every month. In fact, she keeps growing and doing all kinds of crazy stuff! First she dared show teeth. Then there was crawling, which quickly led to walking. Now she’s running around saying “hi” and climbing onto benches and chairs (to which she finds herself incredibly stuck and incredibly unhappy)! Can you believe her defiance?

On Sunday we celebrated her Queen Bee status in full attire – with a bee-themed first birthday party. She was quite impressed. It’s a good thing we love her more than life itself. Here are some pics from the big event…

Oriental Trading is a great place to purchase affordable party supplies. I will say, we had a hard time deciding between the bee theme and the ladybug theme. In the end, it was about bright colors and a soft atmosphere for her big day.





Deb, of Heavenly Delights Bakery, created this beautiful, masterpiece of a cake:



For those who are not fans of fondant, we picked whipped these puppies together last minute:



Here’s a pic of the birthday girl and her big brother (her favorite person in the whole world):



More pics of Queen Bee:








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  1. Student Mom (Jenn)

    I love that she got her own cake all to herself. You did an amazing job on the party table. (In from SITS)
    Student Mom (Jenn) recently posted..Kenwood Multi Chef

  2. thedoseofreality

    Straight up adorable, I tell you…oh, and the party supplies are cute, too! 😉 Happy birthday to your baby! 🙂
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Oh Great, Now You’ve Done It!

  3. Britton

    I think bee parties are soooo cute! We did a “What’s It Going to Bee?” gender reveal shower for my BFF over the summer and the guests loved the theme! Cute party!

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