How to Travel for Work like a Pro

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Working moms have two major jobs—raising their families and their career. For those who travel for work, proper planning and management is the key to success. It’s a tough balancing act, but with the following tips and tricks you can travel for work like a pro and still be the best mom in the world.

Get in the TSA Pre-Check Club

Time is money, and airport travel time is even more pricey. Save some time and headache and make your traveling a lot more efficient by applying for TSA Pre-Check status. If you are traveling regularly for work, it’s an easy decision. You get to skip the long security lines with TSA Pre-Check, not to mention keep your work laptop in your bag and shoes on. Read more

Five No-Brainer Ways to Make Exercise a Permanent Part of Your Busy Lifestyle

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From getting the kids up and out to keeping your home running smoothly to handling emergencies on the fly, being a mom is an around-the-clock job. Who has time for complicated exercise routines that make the day even more stressful? When you’re this busy, you need a smart workout plan that won’t put you behind schedule. The creative, mom-approved shortcuts below make staying fit quick and simple. Read more

3 Talking Points to Make Your Teen a Responsible Driver

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Try as we might, none of us are born with a safe-driving gene. Instead, safe driving has to be taught, and oftentimes, that job is left up to mom and dad. When your teen is ready to hit the road, you might to hit them with a few driving lessons first. Here are three concepts you need to know to safely and properly teach your teenager how to drive. Read more

Spring Break Activities For You and Your Kids

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Spring break is a week that all students look forward to, but maybe not so much all of the parents. While kids are getting a much needed break from school, parents are getting stressed. Having to plan entertainment for a whole week can be exhausting when you have a million other things to worry about. But, instead of stressing about it, use it as a good excuse to get some fun quality time with your kiddos.

There are a ton of different things you can do with your kids to keep them occupied and having fun, rather than bored and constantly reminding you of that fact. Here are some fun activities that you and your kids can do together over spring break (or anytime, really). Read more

Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Without the Booze

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When you think of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the first thing that comes to mind is likely drinking. Likely a lot of drinking. While most celebrants can knock back a few drinks on St. Patrick’s Day and have a fun, safe experience, some people need to stay sober on the traditional party day.

The good news is that it’s entirely possible to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without focusing on booze. Read more

Get Organized to Simplify Your Life & Reduce Stress

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If you think your home is too cluttered or full of half-finished projects, now is the time to change that. According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who think of their homes in that manner were more depressed, fatigued and had higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Meanwhile, Psychology Today also explains how clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli and causes worry over things that aren’t that important.

All of this is no big surprise to any family that’s constantly hurdling clutter to make their next activity or play date. Our lives tend to always be in overdrive without much promise to ever slow down. But you have the power to take back control by simplifying and organizing your life. Here are five ways to get started. Read more

What Are the Top Fibroid Symptoms You Should Know?

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Uterine fibroids are commonly found in women who are of childbearing age. However, many of these women do not know that they have these benign tumors because a lot of fibroid symptoms can be mistaken for another health issue. Over 50% of women who have fibroids do not have any symptoms, and they only discover they have them when they are trying to conceive or when they have an ultrasound performed by a graduate of an online medical sonography degree course.

There are several symptoms that you should place close attention to, especially if you are a woman who can still have children. Once you notice symptoms, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. Read more

4 Ways to Prevent Your Teenager from Texting and Driving

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SpongeBob SquarePants debuted in 1999, and since then it’s reflected some of the challenges facing children and teenagers. One particular episode deals with the dangers of distracted driving. The episode begins with SpongeBob in driver’s ed. His driving instructor, Mrs. Puff assigns an 800-word essay on what not to do at a stoplight. It seems like an easy subject, but it proves quite challenging for SpongeBob. After an entire night of deliberation, SpongeBob realizes that you shouldn’t feed your snail, shoot the breeze with the mailman, or call your friends while at a stoplight. Read more

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