Darian’s Fresh Maine Apple Crisp Recipe

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My oldest son Keith went apple picking yesterday with his girlfriend, Darian, Caden and my soon-to-be baby granddaughter, Genavera. When they got back home, Darian made the most incredible apple crisp – putting a spin on an original apple crisp recipe. Without her permission (hehe), I am sharing it here (I know she won’t mind). Here she is, by the way (gorgeous, eh?): Read more

Vogue Hommes Cover – Sexy or Offensive?

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Am I the only woman on the planet who finds this image sexy rather than offensive? Seriously. When I first looked at this cover of Vogue Hommes magazine, I didn’t see violence. I didn’t see a woman being choked out against her will. I saw another sexual revolution unfolding. Here we have this obviously much younger man passionately taking control – or the lead, if you will as not to offend – of this obviously much older woman. He is not demonstrating aggression, rather assertion. She is not resisting, but embracing.  A little bit of research confirmed my interpretation. Read more

MommiFried’s Flava’ful Tangy BBQ Crockpot Chicken

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I’m starting to think I should name this blog Crockpot Lady because I’m doing a lot of crockpot cooking lately. It’s so easy, so delicious at the end of the day. And the best part is that I am once again experimenting with recipes – putting my own spin on things. Below is a recipe for BBQ crockpot chicken that I whipped up yesterday morning. By the time it’s done it literally falls apart and melts in your mouth, so consider throwing together some sandwiches and serve with chips. Enjoy!

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Oh F**king A – Sing It

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We have a very unconventional household. We are loud, obnoxious and on most days, all but kill each other. My 19-year-old, Adam, walked into the house a short time ago singing:

“Oh f**king A, oh f**king A….”

This IS normal behavior around these parts, but is still cause for concern. So naturally, I asked him why the hell he was singing “oh f**king A”. Here’s how it went down: Read more

MommiFried Now Featured on Alltop!

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I’ve been on cloud nine since yesterday when I received an email from the folks at Alltop. MommiFried was accepted for inclusion on their site – which is a big deal.  I’ve been a huge fan of this site for years, using it daily for content inspiration when posting to my clients’ social media accounts. I’m also thrilled to be joining a great lineup of mom blogs including The Bloggess, 5 Minutes for Mom, Amalah, CityMama, Whoorl and others. Check it out:

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6 Best Online Communities for Moms

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By day, I work as the Senior Community Manager of one of the largest online communities in the world and a site that is in the top 20 globally. It’s been a journey since I started in 2004 and a major learning experience. Because of my work, I’ve spent a lot of time in other communities, especially those that serve a particular market or focus on a certain topic. What I’ve discovered is that some of the best communities out there cater entirely to moms. The six listed below are the best of the best – active, engaging and welcoming to moms at every stage of motherhood. Read more

My Favorite Pins of the Week

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It’s no secret…I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. Whether managing my clients’ various accounts or pinning to win something, I absolutely adore this social media platform. Here are a few of my favorite pins from this week:

We all need to do a little Poe Dancing via You Know it Happens at Your House Too‘s board TEE HEE:

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Things I Don’t Want My Daughter Growing Up Believing

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I always wanted to have a daughter. After having three boys and knowing instinctively each time that I was carrying XYers, I kind of gave up on the dream. I didn’t think being the mom of a little girl was in the cards for me.  And I accepted that reality. My boys were the greatest gifts, and I was a pro at raising the male population.

Things really do change in a heartbeat. Twelve years after having my last son, I became pregnant again. From the moment we first read the positive result on a home pregnancy test, I just knew. I knew she was coming.  Everything told me that inside I was carrying a little girl, an XXer.  She arrived in December 2011, Alessandra Rayne. Read more