Three Cheers for Optimism!

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My brain is in the process of holiday recovery. It wants to like the week, but at the same time, it wants to pretend that today is another day off from the daily grind. Not so lucky brain! Get your butt back to work pronto!

To kickstart things, I’m trying to process a message my computer keeps sending me. It’s telling me that my hard drive is going to crash and I should “BACK MY SHIT UP NOW!” What’s up with that? Why toy with me on a fake Monday asshole? I’ve been getting blue screens of death here and there, but nothing quite this serious. Either my computer is being a real drama queen and overreacting like its owner frequently does, or my shit really is about to go down.   Read more

Age Really is Just a Number

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You’ve been wondering. And it’s about time I dish on my love affair and subsequent marriage to a much younger man. It’s really not all that fantastical or crazy as you might have imagined or hoped it would be – sorry if I’m letting some of you down.

It all started a few years ago when I received a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. A simple “Hi. How are you?” was all it said. I remember the message catching me at the wrong moment and texting back something along the lines of, “Who the hell is this?” I didn’t have time for games (had been through too many already) and really didn’t have the energy to play 20 Questions. Tell me who you are, get to the point, be gone. He immediately texted his name, but my mind drew a complete blank. “I have no idea who you are,” was my sharp reply. This led to a short back and forth exchange about how we had met at a local football game and talked briefly…yada, yada, yada. No idea dude. I was still at a loss. “Check out my Facebook page,” he said. “That will help you remember.”

It was about at that precise moment when my world changed – the “it” moment. Read more

Sauce Margaret Recipe – Perfect for Apple Picking Season

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Yep. I’m still happily digging through the tin I rediscovered containing endless recipes and cooking tips my grandmother had collected during the seventies. The recipes and stories have been such a hit that I decided to create a new area for them here on the blog: Gram’s Recipe Tin. Read more

All Heart on the Football Field

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Caden played his first middle school football game today. It was bittersweet. On one hand they lost. On the other, having just enough players to make it onto the field, they played with tremendous heart and soul. I imagine from our team’s perspective it seemed like a formidable task lied before them. It sure appeared that way to the adults.

Pulling up to the field, it looked like an NFL farm team, if there were such a thing, was getting ready to play. These kids were huge – towering over our average size team members. We later concluded that human growth hormones were being pumped through the water lines or there had to be an educational deficit in the school system with boys being held back two and three years. They were so gosh darn big. There were also 25 or more of these young giants, greatly outnumbering our boys. Read more

A Pictorial of My Mood Today

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Today sucks ass. There is no way to sugarcoat what I have experienced since waking up at 4:30 (thanks Aless) this morning. It actually started last night just before I was going to bed. I went back to reread my latest blog post and discovered that some of the sharing links were not working. I frantically tried to fix the “issue” for two hours before finally giving up. This put me to bed well past midnight. I couldn’t sleep because I was aggravated and pissed off that I couldn’t fix the “issue”. Read more

Is the term “mommy blogger” unacceptable?

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I’m rather new to this whole mommy blogger world. It’s been exactly two months since I started my mommy blogging efforts, and I’ve been having a fantastic time meeting other mommy bloggers and moms around the world. It was brought to my attention, however, by a mommy blogger no less, that mommy blogger is now an unacceptable description; that I should use a term like “lifestyle blogger” or just blogger. What?

Unsure if I should take this advice to heart, I went in search of an answer as to why “mommy blogger” might be considered an unacceptable description (because I didn’t think to ask – I was too shocked to hear this) and what the general consensus was on using the terminology. In a recent article mother and author Kate Hopper stated, “Once something is labeled “momoir” or a “mommy blog” people don’t take it seriously as literary venture.” Fair enough, but a difficult statement to substantiate. Heather Armstrong, whose writing is impeccable, is one of the most well-known mommy bloggers. She is taken seriously as literary venture and deeply respected in the literary world. There are others, as well, including Scary Mommy’s Jill Smokler, The Bloggess Jenny Lawson, Alice Bradley of Finslippy and the list goes on. These women have written bestsellers, author popular columns and have been featured in countless publications. And they have achieved literary venture through their respective mommy blogs. Read more

I learned something about myself this week

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The past three weeks have been particularly rough – the trying to fit a square into a circle kind of rough. Alessandra’s sleep schedule has been upside down and I fell into a state of perpetual exhaustion. Just the thought of having to walk to the bathroom or fold a load of laundry was enough to wear me out. It has also been a period of adjustment with Nick returning to work and not being here to help. He doesn’t have the most daytime-friendly hours right now either, so we are currently doing the “two ships passing in the night” thing, making life even more tiring. Until today, which I’ll explain later, I’ve been a walking zombie. But the truth is I have no one to blame but myself. Read more

Pass the placenta, please.

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Am I the only person who doesn’t get the whole “give birth, devour the placenta” trend? Seriously, I am forever scarred at the thought of parents cooking and biting into their child’s afterbirth. I’m even more mortified that some would eat this raw. What.the.f. are you people thinking? To me, it’s the equivalent of eating a kid’s dried up umbilical cord piece after it falls off or even gobbling up their first poop. You wouldn’t eat those, would ya’? Of course not. All of it – gross. Read more