Elephants and Butterflies Baby Shower

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This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming birth of my first grandbaby – Genavera Thor – by throwing a baby shower for my son, Keith, and his girlfriend, Darian. It was an elephants and butterflies themed baby shower decked out in light pink, hot pink, white, brown and lime green. For the decor I incorporated a lot of tulle, hanging tissue balls, butterfly and elephant accents, pulled in some outdoorsy elements and added lots of chocolate and candy. Festive Christmas music and softly lit candles set the overall ambiance of this laid back, “soothing” affair.

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Delhi Safari: An Entertaining Fusion of Animated Escapades

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Produced by Krayon Pictures and originally released in India (October 2012), the 3D animated film Delhi Safari follows the misfortunes and adventures of a small group of animals as they travel from Mumbai to Delhi in an effort to appeal the destruction of their habitat by humans. Under consideration for an Oscar, the film has now been recast for the U.S./Canadian market with some pretty impressive names: Jason Alexander, Tara Strong, Brad Garrett, Vanessa Williams, Christopher Lloyd and Jane Lynch.

I was recently selected as a Brand Ambassador and received a promotional pass to preview the upcoming North American release. Although skeptical at first, I’m glad I took the time to watch this gem of a film and highly recommend it for families with older children. Because the movie deals with the sensitive topic of death and contains some additional mild violence, crude humor and a few suggestive scenes featuring a scantily clad animated female, I am not recommending it for viewing by younger children (although parents should use their discretion). With that said, venturing out to see this film would be the icing on an awesome family night! You will not be disappointed. Read more

Why I Want Daylight Saving Time to Die a Painful Death

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Since setting the clocks back, Aless has been falling asleep around six o’clock every evening. This is great except that she now wakes up at three o’clock – and I’m not talking about the afternoon. If you hear someone doing the dishes, folding laundry or cleaning out the fridge in the middle of the night, don’t worry. It’s just me, the walking, talking zombie mother. I want Daylight Saving Time to die a painful death. I do.

While the rest of the world is relishing the extra hour of sleep gained in the fall, mothers everywhere are flipping them the bird. Young children do not operate using a wall clock. Their time is hard-wired, internally. We can’t tell our infants and toddlers to go back to bed for an hour. When they’re up, they’re up and roaring to go. Read more

Maine’s Best Banana Muffins

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Have some overly ripe bananas sitting around? Before the fruit flies take notice, get them cooked up! Here’s another quick and easy recipe from Gram’s Recipe Tin – Maine’s Best Banana Muffins. Filled with wholesome goodness and the taste of old-fashioned banana bread, serve these warm with butter or your favorite cream cheese. Read more

Book Page Ornament

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This year we’re going with an Old World, vintage hybrid theme for our Christmas tree. We’re also trying to keep costs down, because last year we went a little crazy matching the tree to the house we were renting. And wouldn’t you know, the colors are not ideal for the place we moved into five months ago. So I’ve decided to get crafty and make the bulk of our tree decorations. Today, I experimented with a few book page ornaments, inspired by several awesome projects I found on Pinterest. Read more

Shop Local – 5 Places You Never Thought To Christmas Shop

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As you know, I’m a huge fan of online shopping – especially this time of the year. I’m also a big supporter of shopping local and keeping our small businesses growing and thriving. When we continually bypass corner markets for large supermarket chains or opt to buy holiday presents from big box stores rather than independent ones, we are doing ourselves a huge disservice. We are cutting the lifeblood of our economy – small business.

As you cross off your shopping list this year, try to support the business down the street when possible. To give you a jumpstart, here are 5 places you never thought to Christmas shop (and they’re local!): Read more


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On this day before Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for many of the same things I keeping reading over and over again on Facebook (slight sarcasm, my apologies). Over and over again (okay, I’ll stop). Like hundreds of FB buds, I’m thankful for my kids, husband, family and friends, for having a roof over my head and food on the table and also for being in relatively good health. Thanksgiving really is a time to pause and reflect on those things we sometimes take for granted.

With that said, I have to admit I’ve felt as if I’ve been drowning in mushy, lovey, honey-do gratitude for the last 21 days. I’m glad everyone is so thankful, but I’m ready for it to be over with and Christmas to kick into full gear with people trampling each other on Black Friday. Really – be careful out there!

To break away from the norm, I’ve decided to list 5 alternative things that I am thankful for… Read more

I Love Vampires and

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I was excited to hear from Marlon at a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in test driving one of their tees – which I had the pleasure of doing this past weekend during my son’s 13th birthday party. Given my love of vampires and with the recent release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, I naturally chose the one I am wearing above. The shirt was soft, yet durable, had vibrant colors (which held up during a wash) and fit amazingly well! If you’re in the market for a unique, funny or trending t-shirt, you need to check out their site. They have a great selection for sassy moms and endless array for the kids, too!  Read more