I Love Vampires and

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I was excited to hear from Marlon at a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in test driving one of their tees – which I had the pleasure of doing this past weekend during my son’s 13th birthday party. Given my love of vampires and with the recent release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, I naturally chose the one I am wearing above. The shirt was soft, yet durable, had vibrant colors (which held up during a wash) and fit amazingly well! If you’re in the market for a unique, funny or trending t-shirt, you need to check out their site. They have a great selection for sassy moms and endless array for the kids, too!  Read more

Quick and Easy Apple Pie

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For Thanksgiving and just about any time of the year, apple pie is a universal favorite. Making an apple pie, however, takes a bit of time, which many busy moms (and dads) lack. Here is a quick and easy apple pie recipe that won’t have you slaving in the kitchen for hours, yet tastes every bit as delicious as one prepared using fresh sliced apples.

Don’t turn your nose up at using canned fruit filling! Some of the best chefs in the world often cut corners using canned and prepared foods. Read more

Best Mom Blogs for Holiday Craft and Decorating Ideas

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Since starting my blog, I’ve enjoyed rediscovering activities like cooking, gardening and reading – things I placed on the back burner because of other responsibilities and duties. This upcoming season, I decided to set the goal of decorating for the holidays, something I have not been too passionate about in recent years. Life has a way of catching up with you and, as busy as I have been, I haven’t wanted to add more stress by getting whimsically creative. This year will be different. I’m still going for simple, but there will be more décor come hell or high water.

Here’s a look at some of the blogs that I am taking inspiration from and what I consider to be the Best Mom Blogs for Holiday Craft and Decorating Ideas: Read more

A Wife Saver & The All-Female Delegation

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I found this clipping in my grandmother’s recipe tin, cut from the September 1953 edition of Farm Journal. I’m not sure what possessed her to snip and save this nostalgic piece, the back did not have a recipe or contain anything relevant, but it was a treat to find it buried among cherry tart, Scottish scones and thumbprint cookie recipes. It adds a little mystery to a woman who I considered to be a role model. I wonder what the purpose was behind keeping an upright freezer ad. Was she secretly hoping that someone would buy her one? Did she laugh at the headline like I did? Read more

My Favorite Pins of the Week: A Lively Mashup

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There have been so many great, funny, inspirational and wacky pins going through my feed on Pinterest this week, you’ll find my favorites are nothing more than a mismatch, a mashup. Take a peek: Read more

Strange Parenting Rituals and Traditions

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During a blog hop this weekend, I read a hilarious post about one family’s weird parenting rituals. From making the teens recite Little Bunny Foo Foo 20 times when they’ve been naughty to tenting in the backyard once a month to promote bonding, it was a hoot from start to finish. I wish I had some strange Ponti parenting traditions to report, but we’re just not there yet. I was inspired, however, to take a look at some of the bizarre parenting customs and traditions from around the world. Here are five worth mentioning: Read more

Pinterest Blog Share – Join Today!

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Hey lady bloggers! I just created a shared board on Pinterest for sharing your best weekly posts with other awesome female bloggers. Just pin from your blog, add a great description and you are good to go! Remember, if you pin, be sure to pay it forward by clicking on other pins and finding new blogs to follow. And comment on posts that you like! Commenting is one way to express your gratitude to fellow bloggers, while also driving traffic back to your own blog and increasing the number of sites that link in (improves your search engine rankings).

If you’d like to join and pin to this shared board, please leave a comment below that includes a link to your Pinterest profile. Read more

Crock Pot Chicken Delicious

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Crock pot cooking can sometimes be hit or miss. With a new recipe it can be difficult knowing just how long to keep the crock pot on, whether to keep it on high or low or how it will turn out. Will the dish be a complete disaster or an absolute masterpiece? This past Sunday, I prepared what was referred to as “one of the best meals I have ever tasted.” Consider this one a masterpiece! Read more