The Dangers of a Rat Infestation

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Pet rats are rather cute. Rats are intelligent creatures and very friendly when tame. They are less likely to bite than gerbils and hamsters, so if your child is looking for a new pet, a domestic rat is a good choice. Wild rats, on the other hand, are not half as cute. An infestation of rats in your home is never a good thing, so if you suspect Mr. Rattus Rattus and his extended family have taken up residence in your outbuildings, garage, attic or basement, you have a legitimate cause for concern. Read more

Creative Ways to Connect With Your Child

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Busy work days and mile-long to-do lists often keep kids and parents from spending the ideal amount of quality time together. Schedules are chaotic, and trying to just relax as a family proves to be a challenge. But spending time as a family boosts relationships and family bonds. While it may be tough to work around everyone’s schedules and the daily grind, kids and parents reap many benefits from time together. Read more

Home Upgrades for the Single Parent

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There are a lot of worries associated with being a single parent. Are your kids OK? What happens if they need to be picked up from school? Do you make enough money to support your family with one income? It’s a lot to handle. While there are plenty of things to stress over, your home shouldn’t be one of them. Here are a few home upgrades that will make your life a little easier: Read more

9 Intriguing Benefits of Gardening (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Very few people will get bored “bonding” with nature. Were it not for other responsibilities, some people would rather spend all their mornings or afternoons in their little/large gardens admiring and taking pride in what their efforts have rewarded them with. If you love fresh fruits and vegetables, why not plant some?  If there is a particular way that you love your lawn done, why give instructions when you can do it perfectly and ripe other benefits while doing it? If you love flowers, why not plant them if you have the space? And, you don’t even have to wonder how you will go about any gardening activity as WonderlandGardens got you covered in every gardening aspect. Read more

15 Summer Activities to Help Your Kids Appreciate Nature

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What are your kids doing this summer? For many of us summer time with the kids is a time to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and if you’re lucky the ocean. As much as kids love summer holidays, keeping them busy can be a real chore! If you’ve not got the luxury of a summer camp then it’s up to you as parent to find things for the youngsters to keep busy with. Read more

How to Teach Your Child to Draw [Infographic]

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Most children love to draw. By young adulthood, however, many have lost this enthusiasm, or it has at least cooled considerably. Why does this happen? Recall your own youth.

When you were in school, were you taught that there was a “right” and “wrong” way of expressing yourself creatively? Perhaps you were told that you always had to color within the lines. Or maybe your teacher would not allow you to put your fingers in the paints – you had to use a brush. Or perhaps in your later art classes, you were encouraged to strive for realism at the cost of personal interpretation. Read more

Tips to Protect Your Children’s Skin

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Skin care is something that everyone — young, old, and in between — should take seriously. And the earlier you get your children to adopt and stick to a good skin care routine, the better it will be for them. Whether because of excessive sun exposure, lack of proper care, or skin sensitivities, lots of skin problems can occur if you don’t take proper precautions. So you need to protect your kids’ skin and inform them of the importance of being vigilant on this front.

In order to give you the tools you need, what follows are some tips to protect your kids’ skin. Read more

Three Top Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Popping the question and finally tying the knot with your significant other is a momentous occasion that certainly calls for celebration. However, before you can get started, you’ll need to pick out the perfect engagement ring that you can use to ask your significant other to become your spouse. Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task; your partner will likely be wearing it on her finger for the rest of her life, so you’ll need to make sure that it’s a style she loves, a good fit, and made of a durable material that will last a long time. But with so much choice available, making the perfect choice isn’t easy unless you know exactly what she wants! If you’re hoping to surprise her, then here are some top tips to make it happen. Read more