Helping Your Child Cope with Cyberbullying

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Teenage Girl Victim Of Bullying By Text Messaging

Bullying isn’t a new concept, but technology has allowed kids to connect with each other in a lot of different ways. Cyberbullying has received a lot of attention over the last few years because it is a big problem among kids of all ages. It’s important for you to monitor your child’s online activity to be aware of any problems and help them cope with cyberbullying. Read more

8 Ways Gardening Cultivates a Blossoming Childhood

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According to Scarborough, almost half of American homeowners are gardeners. While we might perceive gardening to be an activity enjoyed by older adults, the gardening trend also is captivating younger generations. As budgets tighten and prices rise, many families are integrating a green lifestyle that includes growing their own produce, herbs and flowers.  And even kids are pitching in a green thumb. Read more

How to Use Your PR Skills to Communicate Better with the Kids

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As a PR specialist or executive, you’ve already done all the necessary training and obtained your master in communications. It also means you probably possess a number of skills needed to succeed in the field of public relations. But just because you’ve mastered the board room and are a PR representative extraordinaire, it doesn’t mean you’re killing it at home with the kids!

So how can you take those impressive PR skills that you use in the workplace and use them as a tool to better communicate with the kids? Let’s take a closer look. Read more

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Body, Mind, and Mood

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Is waking up early a daily struggle for you? Do you need a dose of caffeine nearly every two hours to keep you functioning? Do you get irritated and emotional easily? You might not be getting enough sleep at night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults aged 18 to 64 to sleep for seven to nine hours daily. This is a general recommendation since some people may require less or more time to reenergize.

The effects of sleep deprivation can be short-term, such as lack of focus and irritability, or long-term such as stroke, heart problems, and obesity. Sadly, many of us have become too accustomed to our sleep-deprived lifestyle, which Arianna Huffington refers to as “the collective delusion that sleep is simply time lost to other pursuits.” In her bestselling book, The Sleep Revolution, the Huffington Post co-founder explains why we should be renewing our relationship with sleep—from the health risks to poor social relations. Read more

Finish Spring Cleaning in Record Time With These Tips

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We are well into spring now, and the sunshine has our spirits up and our bodies outside soaking up the good weather. It’s easy to forget about the inside of your house that is probably a little messy after months of being cooped up this past winter. But with spring comes new life outside, and a like-new look inside with some deep cleaning and rearranging. That’s right, folks, it’s officially time to get your spring cleaning started!

Looking at your entire house, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. Fret not! By breaking it down and rallying the troops, you will get it all done in no time. Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Candlelight Yoga

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These days most of us spend our days in “hurry mode.” We rush through our commute to work, we rush through our projects at the office. We rush through family time, scarfing down our dinners before heading back to work, homework, or housekeeping chores. We even rush through a restful night’s sleep by spending each night thinking about the next day’s schedule! Wouldn’t it be nice to slow things down, just for a little while?

For centuries, men and women all over the world have used yoga practices to find their center and gain peace of mind. Philosophies like Hatha Yoga encourage physical and mental well-being, which makes it easier to fully experience life and handle its ups and downs. And in the midst of a world that’s always moving awfully fast, many yogis are finding calm, even on their busiest days, with a certain style of yoga practice: candlelight yoga. Read more

Four Ways to Stay Sane During a Nasty Divorce

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Going through a divorce is never a pleasant process, whether you’re the initiator or not. With half of marriages in the U.S. alone ending in court, tying the knot only gives you a 50/50 chance of ‘happy ever after’ these days.

But, getting divorced doesn’t need to ruin your life. In fact, if you’ve been in the wrong marriage, it will impact your life (and your ex-spouse’s) for the better. Some people simply aren’t meant to be together; they hold each other back and drag each other down. In this situation, divorce can sadly be your only chance of happiness.

So, what do you do to stay positive when your marriage comes crashing down? These four things can help. Read more

How to Help Your Children Connect With Nature

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You’re sick of watching your kids play video games and stare at the TV. You want to get them up and moving and out of the house, but you’re at a loss for how to make it fun for them. Instead of making outdoor time a chore that they have to do, encourage your children to enjoy and connect with nature with these simple ideas: Read more