5 Apps All Busy Parents Need

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A long time ago, I thought an app could only help with parenting if it could produce two extra arms for me or add 12 extra hours to the day, but with this batch of helpful apps, I was proven wrong.

From helping me navigate dinner to creating a family budget that’s easy to use, these apps are there to make my life easier. Even though it’s not an extra extremity in the literal sense, I can always count on them to lend me a (figurative) hand. Read more

Beating the Stigma of Breastfeeding

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I write about kids and parenting a lot, but it might surprise you to know that I am not actually a mom; I’m an aunt – an aunt who has been very involved in my nieces and nephews lives and has helped raise them; a backup parent of sorts. So, I feel like I know my “mommy” stuff. While I’ve dealt with many mom type issues like rocking crying babies to sleep, sick kids, and tantrums in the store, I’ve never had to deal with the highly controversial issue facing all moms of babies – breastfeeding.

It sometimes seems crazy that breastfeeding has such a negative stigma attached to it. It’s the most natural thing in the world, next to pregnancy, yet there are still people who are off-put, even disgusted by the process. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little more than uncomfortable with the issue myself. My sister has had four kids and has breastfed each one, and my reaction to her taking out a boob and putting a baby on it has always been met with a “GEEZ cover up!” from me.

Why do I feel this way? It not like I don’t know what boobs look like since I have them, and they are far more useless than those of moms who are nourishing babies with them. And I’m not the only one who feels this way, there are countless other people who feel the same way. It’s crazy, right? There is actually a simple answer to this phenomena – socialized stigma. There is a whole history behind the stigma of breastfeeding, and it dates back to ancient times.
Read more

Can a Full-Time Mom Train to Become a Nurse?

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Being a mom is a full time job in itself. However, training to be a nurse alongside your daily tasks is doable. There are many different ways to still look after your little ones and get your nursing degree in the process. Don’t get me wrong, it will be tough to juggle all your responsibilities at once, but if you’re determined and passionate about nursing, you can do it! Read more

Tips On Reducing the Impact a Newborn May Have On Pets

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A constant companion in the form of your four-legged best friend may be less than thrilled when you bring home a new, little bundle of joy. While some of our pets may become anxious when we leave them at home while we’re away, imagine how they’ll feel when we bring home something that requires almost constant supervision and care.

While the majority of pets will make this transition smoothly without incident, there are some ways we can make this process more tolerable for our pets. Check out these tips for bringing baby home that will make this unexpected appearance more pleasant for them: Read more

Back-to-School DIY Lifehacks

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Another school year means the beginning of crazy schedules for parents. Hours of work in the office ends with weekday evenings packed tight with helping kids with schoolwork, logging reading minutes, preparing a healthy dinner and baths.

Busy weekdays blend into the weekend that’s equally packed with back-to-back sports games, school projects and maybe, maybe some downtime. For parents, the work never really ends. Read more

Fluoride and Toddlers: What to Expect

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Even though most parents understand that using fluoride is crucial for keeping their children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free, there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to how much of this crucial mineral should be used when it comes to little ones’ daily oral hygiene routine. But, one thing is certain – even the tiniest of tots need fluoride because it helps to fight cavities not only from the outside, but from the inside out. When fluoride is ingested, either through a supplement or tap water, it becomes a part of the tooth’s structure. And, when it’s used in a toothpaste to clean the teeth, it builds up enamel, slowing down and even stopping the process of tooth decay and cavities. Read more

How to Get Back in Shape WHILE Spending Time With Your Kids

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As mothers, we are all about putting our kids first and our needs second. Exercise is one such case and we are often guilty of not working out because we believe there are more important things to do. Our to-do lists may be long and our kids will always be our top priority but we need to learn to do things for ourselves including exercise. Read more

The Dummies Guide to Car Maintenance

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Cars might look simple on the outside: they have four wheels, some doors, a roof, etc.; pretty basic. However, as I hope you would also know, they have hundreds of tiny little mechanisms and wires and other techy stuff that most people ignore and hope won’t make them fail their MOT or other safety test. There are many, many, many, many people out there who don’t have the foggiest idea about basic car maintenance and this is so worrying. A car can go from a vehicle to a fiery ball of death in about three seconds and so if you want to avoid that (which I assume you do), then you will need to keep up some very basic checks. Maintaining your car a little bit at a time will save you tonnes of cash from not having to get mechanics to fix it; it will save you lots of time because you won’t break down; and it will keep you safe from the aforementioned balls of fiery death. Read more