Caden’s F-Bomb

Caden seems to think that saying something under your breath is saying it to yourself – not meant for anyone else to hear and, therefore, “does not count.” Such is the case with me catching him red-handed the other night muttering the F-bomb as we dined outside on the patio. Now I’m a laidback mom. Always have been. My kids and I talk openly about sex, drugs and life. I’m also pretty lenient when it comes to cursing. As long as they’re not swearing like sailors or openly in public or when company is over, I let a lot slide. When Cade dropped the F-bomb, we happened to have some friends over enjoying a cookout with us. Others were in earshot. I’m sure they also heard what came out of his pie hole.

Naturally, I said “Caden!” in a very stern voice. To which he replied with the ever-so-famous, “Wut?” and proceeded to look at me like he’d suddenly dropped 100 IQ points.  Now it’s not even a “what.” It’s this long, drawn-out, slurred, “Wuuuut?”  If you have pre-teens or teens, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Once we moved beyond the “duh” stage, I confronted him directly. Here’s how the conversation went:

“You just said the F-word. I heard you.”

“I said it under my breath, so it doesn’t count.”

“Are you serious, Caden?”

“Well. You were not supposed to hear it.”

“But I did and most likely everyone else did, too.”

“It wasn’t meant for you or anyone else to hear. So it doesn’t count.”

So it doesn’t count. So it doesn’t count. To which I replied with the ever-so-famous, “You’re grounded.”

He didn’t hear me. Oh it counts!

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