6 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage Before It's Too Late

When you first meet someone and pass the courting stage you will probably enter a period where you enjoy sex at every opportunity you get, this could be daily or twice daily.  However, every couple experiences a reduced need for sex as the relationship becomes more comfortable.  This does not mean the love has gone, rather that the time available has reduced.  Commitments at work and at home will often drain you physically and emotionally leaving very little time Read more

What to Do if Your Teenager or Young Adult Has a Drug Problem

Drug addiction can happen at any age, and nobody is exempt from the risk of becoming an addict. Teenagers may become addicted to drugs for a number of different reasons, whether they started trying a drug simply to experiment or have fun or as a result of more serious underlying issues such as depression, anxiety or chronic stress. If your teenager is using drugs and continues to use them despite the real risks of harmful consequences, you may need Read more

8 Surprising Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

We humans need our sleep. Most of us feel at our best when we have had around seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. We then wake up full of the joys of life, ready to face the world. It is a different story if you haven’t slept well. You wake up feeling like death, hollow-eyed and groggy, and then spend the rest of the day fighting to stay awake. Everyone has a few bad nights here are there, usually when kids Read more

Women’s Guide to Anti-Aging Skin

You can never start too early to prevent your skin from showing signs of ageing. What you need is the right skincare and lifestyle tips to send them packing. Here are some tips to help you save face. Pack Your Moisturizer No matter what moisturizer you use, anything that will soften your skin will go the distance to giving you supple skin that is less likely to show wrinkles. However, there are some ingredients that will make your skin even softer, Read more

How to Help Your Child Have a Successful School Year (Guest Post)

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Drawing competition for school kids

The goal of any parent is to help their child have a successful school year, and one of the best ways to do this by being organized and on top of everything that happens in the home and classroom. From establishing routines to instilling good study habits with the use of modern technology, parents and children will succeed at handling the day-to-day struggles of being back in a school environment. Read more

5 Mobile Apps No Mom Should Live Without (Guest Post)

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Today’s moms who stay at home with their children or work from a home office need all the help they can get. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps to not only help keep track of daily activities and events, but also makes parenting generally easier. Mothers nowadays have a lot on their plates. Besides taking care of the house, many also have additional at-home jobs, which mean little shortcuts are needed to stay organized, as well on the lookout to what their children are doing whether they’re online or at a friend’s house.

Here’s our list of five must-have mobile apps that no mom should be without: Read more

5 Blogging Lessons We Can Learn from Supernatural (Guest Post)

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Okay… so the whole zombie thing is cool and all and yes, there are blogging lessons we can learn from the shuffling horrors but personally, I’d much rather be schooled by Sam, Dean, or Castiel of Supernatural. If I’m being honest, perhaps a demon who’s actually a really nice guy despite the horns, glowing eyes, and bulging demonic muscles.

Within its dark, gothic storylines Supernatural bestows 5 more blogging lessons to complement those found in zombie cult classic, The Walking Dead. Read more

How to Get Kids to Vegetables & Maintain Your Sanity

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Hi, everyone! My name is Jennifer and I blog over at MomTricks! I’m excited to write today about a topic I know a lot of parents struggle with: getting kids to eat more vegetables. Having dealt with this issue myself, I know a thing or two about it, so I hope I can offer some good advice.

There’s not a fight in history as grueling and frustrating and as the battle of mom vs. child at the dinner table. Many a weary parent has found themselves begging and pleading their kid to at least try the colorful array of foods in front of them, only to result in whines, protests and the occasional scream (and that’s not even mentioning the kid’s response). It can be absolutely draining, and it’s understandable that some parents find themselves at their wit’s end trying to get them to eat what they cooked for them. Read more

Tips for Traveling Abroad on a Budget

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Beach Baby

When you’re looking to plan a vacation that is budget-friendly and family-friendly, the destinations that probably pop into your head are Disneyland, Las Vegas or the national parks. While those are great options for folks and families who want to get away, you shouldn’t write off more exotic destinations when you’re planning your next getaway.

Vacationing abroad sounds pricey but is often no more expensive than a multi-day theme park getaway. And the payback is epic – a change in perspective that will last your entire life and memories your family will always cherish.   Read more

How to Respond When Your Kids Are Disrespectful (Guest Post)

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Hello, hello!

Melissa here, from CloudMom, writing today about a topic that many parents struggle with – how to respond when your kids are disrespectful. Your babies are growing up so fast and sooner or later, they’ll start to get an attitude, or as many like to call it, the “terrible two’s.”  So how should Mom or Dad react when their child is throwing their sippy cup across the room, or even worse, having a tantrum in the middle of the shopping mall? Here’s my go-to plan of action when my children get out of hand! Read more

Stop Being the “Fixer” (Guest Post)

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You are amazing really – you are able to fix the unfixable. Where there is strife – BOOM – all of a sudden, peace – thanks to you. You can fix hurt feelings, fractured friendships, missed deadlines, stubbed toes and miscommunications.

You can turn potential losses into wins, disappointments into lessons learned and resentment into forgiveness.

As a mother, you are a terrific fixer. You make things better with a kiss, hug and word of support. One simple phone call and you can magically heal a wounded friendship or earn your child a second chance. You can take over a project or a problem when someone you love doesn’t have the ability to advocate for herself and you can see trouble coming a mile away – averting it with your superhuman powers.

You can do all of this and so much more. But should you?  Read more

Judgment Call: The Developing Teen Brain (Infographic Intro)

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Do you recall the thrill of a snow day?

As children it was a glorious and welcomed day off from school. Frosty days that were deliciously full of unending promises of sledding, snowball fights, and hot chocolate. The recent cold snap and bout of winter weather left many parents with houses full of elated children- all except one.

A 16 year old, who shall remain nameless, grew restless and antsy being cooped up in the house with family for days on end. She sulked in her bedroom watching Netflix. Why? Her parents had the audacity to refuse her request to go shopping and hit a movie with friends during the last day of snow. Read more