6 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage Before It's Too Late

When you first meet someone and pass the courting stage you will probably enter a period where you enjoy sex at every opportunity you get, this could be daily or twice daily.  However, every couple experiences a reduced need for sex as the relationship becomes more comfortable.  This does not mean the love has gone, rather that the time available has reduced.  Commitments at work and at home will often drain you physically and emotionally leaving very little time Read more

What to Do if Your Teenager or Young Adult Has a Drug Problem

Drug addiction can happen at any age, and nobody is exempt from the risk of becoming an addict. Teenagers may become addicted to drugs for a number of different reasons, whether they started trying a drug simply to experiment or have fun or as a result of more serious underlying issues such as depression, anxiety or chronic stress. If your teenager is using drugs and continues to use them despite the real risks of harmful consequences, you may need Read more

8 Surprising Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

We humans need our sleep. Most of us feel at our best when we have had around seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. We then wake up full of the joys of life, ready to face the world. It is a different story if you haven’t slept well. You wake up feeling like death, hollow-eyed and groggy, and then spend the rest of the day fighting to stay awake. Everyone has a few bad nights here are there, usually when kids Read more

Women’s Guide to Anti-Aging Skin

You can never start too early to prevent your skin from showing signs of ageing. What you need is the right skincare and lifestyle tips to send them packing. Here are some tips to help you save face. Pack Your Moisturizer No matter what moisturizer you use, anything that will soften your skin will go the distance to giving you supple skin that is less likely to show wrinkles. However, there are some ingredients that will make your skin even softer, Read more

When All Else Fails…

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The Ponti household is in pretty rough shape this week. Neither of us has felt like venturing into a store and, as a result, we’ve been doing a shitload of improvising. This morning after spilling coffee all over the countertop and floor, I reached for the roll of paper towels that usually sits poolside the sink. Nada. So I opened the drawer that holds our hand towels and dish cloths. Also a big fat nada. On top of not wanting to grocery shop, it appears we’re also foregoing our laundry responsibilities. No food, no clean underwear – two of the biggest sins EVER. My grandmother would have my ass in a sling. Realizing that I was in a bind, I quickly grabbed the two pot holders hanging near the stove. Have you ever tried sopping up a wet mess with a pot holder? They’re like the anti-Christ of absorption. What a mess! Read more

A Wild Year! Happy Anniversary!

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One year ago today, Pontilicious and I got married. I was VERY pregnant! An hour after saying our vows, I went into labor. The next day, we brought a beautiful baby girl into this world. It’s been a wild year! Happy Anniversary, babe!

Elephants and Butterflies Baby Shower

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This past weekend we celebrated the upcoming birth of my first grandbaby – Genavera Thor – by throwing a baby shower for my son, Keith, and his girlfriend, Darian. It was an elephants and butterflies themed baby shower decked out in light pink, hot pink, white, brown and lime green. For the decor I incorporated a lot of tulle, hanging tissue balls, butterfly and elephant accents, pulled in some outdoorsy elements and added lots of chocolate and candy. Festive Christmas music and softly lit candles set the overall ambiance of this laid back, “soothing” affair.

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A Wife Saver & The All-Female Delegation

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I found this clipping in my grandmother’s recipe tin, cut from the September 1953 edition of Farm Journal. I’m not sure what possessed her to snip and save this nostalgic piece, the back did not have a recipe or contain anything relevant, but it was a treat to find it buried among cherry tart, Scottish scones and thumbprint cookie recipes. It adds a little mystery to a woman who I considered to be a role model. I wonder what the purpose was behind keeping an upright freezer ad. Was she secretly hoping that someone would buy her one? Did she laugh at the headline like I did? Read more

Winter in Maine

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Winter in Maine seems to come earlier and earlier with each passing year. We had our first official storm of 2012 yesterday, just days after Sandy wreaked havoc on much of the northeast. I’m wondering if this means a long, cold winter or if this is a sign that spring will be here sooner than expected. I’m hoping for the latter. I welcome spring with open arms. Although I’m a Maine native and have lived here my entire life, I’ve never adjusted or become acclimated to the long, cold, dreary winters. As Bella says so eloquently in Twilight, “I don’t really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing I don’t really…” Okay, maybe it’s not so eloquent, but that’s me in a nutshell.  Read more

Being a Woman IS Rough

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Feminism, sexism, equal rights, binders…let’s shelve all of that BS today and agree that being a woman IS rough. I mean, come on. We have the weight of the world on our shoulders trying to balance work, kids and home. We always feel guilty about something or that we are not doing enough. We have the media painting this picture of what an ideal woman should look like – a picture that has been photoshopped, cropped, colored, matted and Crayolaed into a fictional piece of work. It’s a reality that we can never replicate, nor should we feel like we have to. Do you hear that Vogue Italia? Screw size 0!

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The Maine Earthquake (Assquake?)

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I’m a few days late posting about the events of this past Tuesday, namely the earthquake we had here in Maine. It’s made news around the globe, so I’m sure you’ve heard about it. If not, Twitter is a great place to get the scoop AND antidotes. You’ve been warned. Read more

What do you miss most from your childhood?

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After poking around on Pinterest for awhile last night, I found myself reminiscing about things that I miss from my childhood. The biggest thing I miss is my grandmother. Gosh how I adored that short, grey-haired spitfire. She was definitely the anchor that kept us all grounded and glue that kept things together. Her passing left a wake of brokenness in the family and void that could never be filled. Some of my fondest memories are of her knitting endlessly and magically and always kicking her leg out to block me from trying to sit on her lap – both of us laughing in hysterics the entire time. Sheesh. I really miss those days.

Here are some other things from my childhood and teen years that I desperately miss: Read more