6 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage Before It's Too Late

When you first meet someone and pass the courting stage you will probably enter a period where you enjoy sex at every opportunity you get, this could be daily or twice daily.  However, every couple experiences a reduced need for sex as the relationship becomes more comfortable.  This does not mean the love has gone, rather that the time available has reduced.  Commitments at work and at home will often drain you physically and emotionally leaving very little time Read more

What to Do if Your Teenager or Young Adult Has a Drug Problem

Drug addiction can happen at any age, and nobody is exempt from the risk of becoming an addict. Teenagers may become addicted to drugs for a number of different reasons, whether they started trying a drug simply to experiment or have fun or as a result of more serious underlying issues such as depression, anxiety or chronic stress. If your teenager is using drugs and continues to use them despite the real risks of harmful consequences, you may need Read more

8 Surprising Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

We humans need our sleep. Most of us feel at our best when we have had around seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. We then wake up full of the joys of life, ready to face the world. It is a different story if you haven’t slept well. You wake up feeling like death, hollow-eyed and groggy, and then spend the rest of the day fighting to stay awake. Everyone has a few bad nights here are there, usually when kids Read more

Women’s Guide to Anti-Aging Skin

You can never start too early to prevent your skin from showing signs of ageing. What you need is the right skincare and lifestyle tips to send them packing. Here are some tips to help you save face. Pack Your Moisturizer No matter what moisturizer you use, anything that will soften your skin will go the distance to giving you supple skin that is less likely to show wrinkles. However, there are some ingredients that will make your skin even softer, Read more

Recruiting the Next Generation to Accommodate the Upcoming Nursing Shortage

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Talk of a nursing shortage is nothing new in the United States. For decades, students have been told that there are plenty of nursing jobs to be had. Not surprisingly, this trend is continuing, but according to many experts the deficit is expected to rise exponentially as more of the previous generation of nurses retire and leave plenty of room for newcomers. To compound the situation, the incidence of chronic disease is rising, the current nurses are aging along with the rest of the growing population, and you don’t often hear young people brag about how they’re pursuing a master of science in nursing, even though doing so is reasonably doable for most collegiate level adults. Read more

Ultimate Flexibility: Finding Work That Suits Your Passion, Schedule

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working from home

There is never a dull moment when you have kids, much less relaxation time. If you work outside the home, the yearning to spend more time with your kids, along with wanting a more desirable schedule, can often be overwhelming. And if you stay home with your kids, the need for additional income, plus a purpose outside of parenting, can also be something you have been contemplating.

If you’re considering starting a freelance gig that lets you become your own boss while exploring the things you’re passionate about, read on for information and tips on how to get started. Read more

5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors With Your Son

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African American Woman Mother WIth Boy Son Riding Bike

When it comes to outdoor activities, it seems like dads always have the upper hand. But moms can enjoy the outdoors with their sons, too. There are plenty of activities that you can do with your son on a nice day out. And these activities can also be a great learning experience for him, too. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the great outdoors with your son. Read more

Different Parenting Styles and How They’re Affecting Your Family

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When it comes to style every one of us is a unique individual, bringing our own particular preferences and creativity to any given situation. When we become parents, we take our personal style into the adventure of parenthood. Although we are unique individuals, we more or less tend to fall somewhere along the continuum of four broad categories of parenting styles. Some of these styles are more beneficial to our children than others, so it is important to be aware of what we are doing and how our family is being affected. It often happens that a mother and father will have two differing styles, which can become confusing for the child especially if there is conflict between the parents. Read more

Moving Together as a Family

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When there’s a big move on the horizon, it can be a stressful time for the whole family. As an adult, you may reason with yourself — there are several positive things about picking up and moving your life to a new place. Your child, however, may have a harder time dealing with the impending changes. Here’s how to soften the blow and help them adjust as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Read more

Summer Vacations in New York State – 7 Places You Won’t Want to Miss

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When taking a summer vacation in New York State, so many people think about the city. While that is the leading tourist attraction in the state for a number of reasons, the Big Apple is really only a small portion of what this amazing state has to offer in the line of places to go and things to see. If you are planning a trip to New York this summer, here are seven places you won’t want to miss. Read more

5 Tips for a Calm & Happy Family Car

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As any parent knows, taking the family for a trip in the car can often be a stressful situation. Children seldom appreciating sitting still for too long so, in addition to trying to prepare everything and ensuring nothing gets left behind, you often have to deal with aggravated and restless children. Read more

9 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

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Finding the right person to settle down with and share your life can be difficult.  Many people spend years finding the right one. Unfortunately many people also commit to a relationship which becomes negative and detrimental over time. These people are often not aware that this is happening to them and will not seek relationship advice or relationship counseling.  It is often seen in cases of domestic abuse. Fortunately, it is possible for anyone to identify a bad relationship; if your relationship has the following nine symptoms it is time to end it and move on: Read more