Google Gets Me Into Trouble


Okay. I need to have a talk with Google. For the second, third, and fourth times in the last couple weeks, this pleasant little search who could has gotten me into trouble. When your husband walks into the room and says, “What the hell are you looking at?” and immediately walks right back out the door, you know it can’t be anything good. And it’s not. Which is why I’m sharing with you. 

Here’s the first “wasn’t my fault” search moment:


I meant to do a search for “monk” and accidentally typed “mok.” Yes, I clicked the link. Yes, I clicked several other links. But not for the reasons you think! I was honestly trying to see if I had turned on my porn filters (we do have kids). I guess I didn’t, which is about the time Nick walked into the room. He thought I was moking him. Thanks Goog!

Here’s the next “maybe Google knows me better than I know myself” or maybe I AM going THERE when I croak moment:


I was actually looking up another name for wallflower for a post I’m working on. But these came up before I had the words out of my fingers. Somewhere in this lively mashup is a warning. I’m sure of it.

And the final “now you really got me” moment of searching:


Can one simple look up butter alternatives without getting a big ole’ android ass tossed in their face? Really Google. We need to have a talk.

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  1. Seana Turner

    This is where I mention that I find the Thesaurus in Word very helpful – less exposure! So funny… (#LOBS)
    Seana Turner recently posted..Making Change HappenMy Profile

    • Crystal

      I’ll keep that in mind! LOL

    • Scott

      I am like you Seana. I have the “” pinned to my Firefox bookmark banner. The Internet is awesome that we have all this information at our fingertips. 🙂 Crystal, oh how many times I have done that. Once when my boss came in…haha! Wonderful article! Thanks!
      Scott recently posted..Java 6 … Are you concerned about Java Security? You should be….My Profile

  2. Michelle

    I usually type in the word and synonym – funny!
    Michelle recently posted..Mom, What’s For Dinner? 10 Family Favorite Recipes {#TuesdayTen}My Profile

  3. WriterMom Angela

    Okay, you didn’t share with the class why you were Googling the word “Butt”? Please, do share? lol
    WriterMom Angela recently posted..Facebook yard sale sites are worse than WalmartMy Profile

    • Crystal

      Right at the end of the post – butter alternatives (not margarine or Crisco). Is there such thing? Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard and it’s bare!

  4. Laura

    Haha, well I had no idea that mok was even a word!
    Laura recently posted..Cat Years, Pee Pee, and a SpleenMy Profile

  5. Amber

    Robot butt. Ha!

    And mok! I never knew what that word meant…
    Amber recently posted..Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Judged For ComplainingMy Profile

  6. Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

    Oh that Google Instant! It never surprises me when I’m searching something totally innocent and something ridiculous pops up in the results.

    Urban dictionary cracks me up! I often have to visit it when I hear a word in a song or on tv and I don’t know what it means. However, when I visit the site it reminds me of how out of the loop I am. I did not know what a “Mok” was either. News to me….
    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries recently posted..{Co-Hosting} Google + Growing Circles HopMy Profile

  7. thedoseofreality

    LOL! The first one would totally happen to me, because I have a sticky keyboard and often make misspellings! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Hello Idina Menzel Or Should We Say Adele DazeemMy Profile

  8. Susie (The Esthetic Goddess)

    The things that pop up on google that I never knew existed and then wished I didn’t after google showed me…I can’t unsee it!!
    Susie (The Esthetic Goddess) recently posted..My Chemical Peel Adventure! Part OneMy Profile

  9. Chris Carter

    Gosh- I wish I had a robot butt! I mean, really…
    Chris Carter recently posted..Dive Deeper- finding deep faith beyond shallow religionMy Profile

  10. Debra@AModernTranslation

    Too funny! Today I learned a new word – mok. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from SITS. Have a great weekend.
    Debra@AModernTranslation recently posted..Shih-Tzu SaturdayMy Profile

  11. Rabia @TheLiebers

    Google gets me into trouble too. I was once interested in reviewing some socks, so I looked up the company. Turns out they are mainy known for incontinence underwear. Now Google keeps showing me ads for granny panties and Depends. Good thinks i”m 97 years old!?!?!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted..Penny Auctions Canada {Review}My Profile

  12. Ginger

    Too funny LOL!!! Google can be your best friend, or foe LOL.
    Ginger recently posted..Maple Hill Naturals Dryer Balls GiveawayMy Profile

  13. Kate

    That google suggests thing always makes me look like I’m looking up awful things. It’s so embarassing in college.
    Kate recently posted..Review: L’Oréal Paris Studioline #TXT Texture Styling Wave Creating SprayMy Profile

  14. Angela Gilmore

    Longer than eight inches?! I have to say Mok is not the word that comes to mind lol.
    Angela Gilmore recently posted..Creamy Tomato SoupMy Profile

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