Helpful Tips for Navigating Life with a Difficult Teenager

Living with a teenager is never easy, but some moments can be especially challenging. Of course, teenagers aren’t trying to be difficult most of the time – their unmanageable behavior is mainly down to hormones and their growing and changing mind and body. Here, we have some helpful tips to help moms and dads manage those difficult days when they feel they are at breaking point with their teenage children.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

It’s important to remember that we were all teenagers once, and although today’s challenges might be different than those of the previous generations, teenagers will always be teenagers. Try to think back to when you were a teen and how you felt. How did your parents treat you? If you were happy as a teenager and enjoyed their parenting style, try to adopt this style with your own child. If you learned some important lessons from your parents’ rules as a teen, use these same rules with your child.

Remember the Importance of Communication

It can be difficult to get through to teenagers especially when they are angry or un-cooperative. Try to find a moment when your child is calm and relaxed and sit down and talk to them. Ask them to be honest and open about how they are feeling. You could even try to make a list of house rules together – involving your child in the process is more likely to make them stick to the rules. Try making family meal times a cellphone-free time where parents and children can sit down and talk to one another about their days and their feelings.

Monitor your Teen’s Use of Technology

Parents often feel technology is the source of their teen’s difficult behavior. Often, girls are subjected to a lot of pressure from friends and peers over social media sites. If you are concerned your teen is being cyber-bullied or worse, is cyber-bulling another child, it’s important to take action straight away.

Whilst your teen won’t appreciate you confiscating their phone, you could calmly explain why you don’t want them using certain apps. Many are simply not suitable for younger children who are vulnerable to the pressure these apps often put on users.

Let Your Child Take Risks

It is natural for parents to worry when their child wants to try something new. As long as they are not doing something dangerous such as drinking alcohol or taking drugs, let them go out and have fun. You could let them take a short trip with their friends or go to a new social group. This will help give your child a sense of independence but in a safer way.

Allow Your Teen to Express Themselves

You might be horrified when your teenager informs you they want to dye their hair green or get a nose piercing. This rebellion is a natural part of teenage development. You should try and allow them to go ahead with these things even if you don’t agree with it. They won’t come to any harm and it will allow them to have a sense of control over their own body, which might stop them from rebelling against you in other more dangerous ways. And, when your teenager gets older, you can look back at their silly hairstyles and laugh about it together!

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