Horsing Around with Caden

My 12-year-old son, Caden, has a lot to say. And often, what he says is truly comical. I’ve been sharing his funny outtakes, quotes and sayings on Facebook for years and thought I would capture them here, too, with an entire category devoted to him: Cadenisms!

As we were driving home tonight, out of nowhere and without any warning, Caden asks me: “Have you ever wiped a horse at night?” WHAT?!?! I almost drove off the road. Who asks questions like that?

First, I had no idea what he said. It was like garbled gooply goop drowning in the sounds of an open passenger-side window and the rumble of the Hummer tires. My initial thought was that whatever he had said had something to do with wiping a horse’s arse (or worse). After we got past the shock and horror, I must have asked for clarification 20 times and was then picking vowels. Come to find out, he was referring to wiping flies and mosquitoes off of a horse at night (because they get really bad). I didn’t realize this was part of a normal routine when taking care of horses.

With Caden, I learn something new everyday.


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