How warm is it outside?

Sometimes you just gotta laugh…

PONTILICIOUS: (standing on front porch with door wide open to the living room) It’s so warm outside today!

ME: (shivering and cursing under my breath) It’s like 10 degrees out. It’s not warm.

PONTILICIOUS: It’s way warmer than 10 degrees. Trust me.

ME: (pulls up It’s 22 degrees out. Woo hoo! (clapping hands like a nutcase while bouncing up and down in the recliner) Caden, let’s go outside and tan! It’s a heat wave!



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2 Responses to How warm is it outside?

  1. Sheri

    Lol! I’m freaking out when it gets close to 50°. Like there’s about to be a blizzard. Stay warm!
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    • Crystal

      LOL I’m good with 50 degree weather. When it starts dropping below, that’s when I turn into a big baby. I’ve lived in Maine my entire life and will never get used to the bitter cold. It literally hurts!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sheri. Hope to see you again. 🙂

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