And the world’s largest penis award goes to?

Yesterday, my best friend and I had a discussion about large penises and strange sex. I’m still trying to visualize certain “things” from our discussion. Here’s how it went:

HER: So I found out by watching Netflix last night who the man is with the largest penis in the world.

HER: 13.5″ long, 8″ around

HER: 9″ flaccid

ME: No.Thank.You.


HER: He’s nasty looking and it looks like he’s smuggling a small child.

ME: That’s not a penis.

ME: That’s an anaconda.

HER: For real!!!

ME: What the hell kind of show were you watching?

HER: Strange Sex – it’s on instant watch.


HER: There was one where a lady has panic attacks in her vagina.

HER: Vaginismus

HER: So bad she couldn’t have sex with her husband.


HER: I’m like WTF.

HER: You should add it.

HER: It’s weird shit. LOL

ME: I do not want to watch one’s pubiciticals having a nervous breakdown. LOL

HER: LOL They don’t SHOW it.

HER: Just discuss the various weird sexual conditions.

ME: Well thank gawd for that!

HER: It’s a TLC show.

HER: There was one lady that was born WITHOUT a vaginal canal.

HER: I’m like WTF.

HER: They had to build her one.

HER: If you build it, they will come. LOL

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  1. Molley Mills

    I just choked on my coffee a little bit! That’s funny. I’ll be sure not to tune in but that’s why we have your friend right? To watch for us and report back 🙂
    Molley Mills recently posted..Why I Haven’t Watched TV in a WeekMy Profile

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