6 Truths About Helicopter Parents

My parenting style can be best described as a hybrid mashup—a combination of authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. But if one parenting style was to surface and all others sink, at the end of the day I would emerge a predominantly helicopter parent. The term "helicopter parenting" was coined back in 1990 by child development researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay in their book, Parenting With Love and Logic. Helicopter parents, according to the official definition, take an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of Read more

How to Plan the Ultimate Staycation

Who wouldn’t want to take a vacation every month, or even every weekend? Unfortunately for most, there isn’t room for a trip in the schedule—or budget. Plus, as most holiday vacations prove, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to coordinate a family trip out of town. That’s why many people in need of a small getaway take staycations instead. Staycations allow you to relax and do fun activities with your family, all without the expense of travel or booking Read more

Top of the Tingles: The ASMR A-List

Relaxation. Euphoria. Tingling. These are the words used to describe the result of an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, trigger. In a piece I recently wrote for Sanity & Self, I describe the concept as "the physical response to auditory, visual, or tactile triggers, usually a tingly sensation similar to feeling chills. Think of the goosebumps you might get when someone whispers into your ear. That’s ASMR. Most experts attribute ASMR’s relaxing sensations to the release of endorphins, Read more

Self-Discovery Questions to Ask Yourself Each Day

In today’s uber-connected world, it’s so easy to get caught up in your phone wherever you go. Whether you're responding to work emails, organizing your kids’ schedules, or updating your Instagram, the hours can fly by before you know it. While this is certainly convenient, it can become unhealthy if it turns into a habit. Because we’re all so busy, your mental health could be suffering and you wouldn’t even know it because you’re too preoccupied to pay attention Read more

Self-Care With Hygge

Taking time for yourself as a mom can be difficult between appointments, errands and keeping everyone fed, on time and in clean clothes. Finding ways to fit in self-care and moments to yourself are so important, even short breaks can have a positive impact on your day. One shortcut to make sure you get the change to recharge is make your house ready for relaxation whenever you are. You may have heard of it as an emerging decor trend, hygge Read more

Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Tips

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The daily grind of work and school is bound to wear down on all members of your family eventually. That’s why it’s so important to make time for family vacations. Not only do these trips provide valuable time your family can spend together, but they also provide a much-needed mental break. Children and adults alike benefit from getting time away from their regular routines to rest and reset. Read more

Tree Stump Removal By The Numbers

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You want your yard to be a place where your kids can create happy memories. However, if your property is dotted by tree stumps, there’s a chance they could get hurt. These obstacles can get in the way of foot races, backyard football games and other activities. If children trip over them or collide with them, there’s a serious potential for injury. Not only are stumps tripping hazards, but they also can attract insects, wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and ruin the appearance of your lawn. This is why many homeowners choose to remove these unsightly nuisances. Read more

Maximum Exposure: How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Home

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Natural light in a home makes rooms appear brighter and bigger and allows occupants to enjoy surrounding views. Unfortunately, that same light is damaging to people, fabrics, wood furnishings, and the family budget. The quandary of how to maximize the positive aspects of natural light while diminishing the damage is resolved with window tinting. Read more

Clean Home, Clear Mind: Ways to Tidy Up For Clarity

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Research has shown that clutter carries a weight on people. It has been connected to both a person’s stress levels as well as their motivation. If you’re someone who wants to take steps to help reduce some of your mental fog, this means you can turn to your home to make a change. If you’re tired of your home being one of the root causes of your stress, check out the following tips on how to tidy up your home to achieve more mental clarity. Read more

Sleep Better with Essential Oils

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Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time, but have you ever thought about trying essential oils for sleep? They can be a great addition to your nightly routine and help add some new scents to your home as well. The following infographic by SleePare covers 15 of these essential oils. Each claim is backed by science, meaning they really work to help get rid of sleepless nights without having to resort to harsher chemical assistant that can be hard to wake up from the next morning. These different essential oils to help you sleep have their own unique benefits which are as follows. Read more

How to Prepare Your Home for a Child

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It can be very daunting to tackle the preparation of your home in time for a newborn (though, of course, not as daunting as the prospect of a newborn itself!). Nevertheless, it’s a crucial step in getting your home ready for its new family. Preparing your home doesn’t just mean having all your new baby-items ready-to-go; it also means thinking practically about the setup and condition of your home. Read more

Pregnant Women and Young Children are the Most Vulnerable to AFFF Exposure

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For about a decade now, scientists have been conducting studies on a group of chemicals that are collectively called per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This class of chemicals is used in aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF), which are water-based fire-fighting foam used to douse fuel fires. Though PFAS-containing fire-fighting foams pose a serious and immediate threat to the military personnel, their families living in the surroundings of military bases are also exposed to AFFF and could have serious health consequences. Read more

“Playing With Fire” Family Fun Kit + Movie Review

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L-R: Keegan-Michael Key, Finley Rose Slater, and John Cena in PLAYING WITH FIRE from Paramount Pictures. Photo Credit: Doane Gregory.

A few weeks ago, I arrived home and discovered a huge package sitting on my front porch. I couldn’t remember ordering anything (shocker!), so I carried it in the house with a question mark looming over my head. Inside, much to my family’s excitement, was the Playing With Fire Family Fun Kit.

To celebrate the digital release of Playing With Fire on January 21st and on Blu-Ray on February 4th, Paramount Pictures put together this amazing entertainment ensemble. The kit includes a Blu-Ray copy of Playing With Fire, three varieties of popcorn, a water bottle shaped like a fire extinguisher, and a giant Jenga game (like the game featured in the film, just scaled down a bit). Read more

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