The Best and Worst Things to Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and has been a culture installation for generations. Many people use Black Friday to kick off the holiday season, and businesses are more than happy to keep the tradition alive. There are certainly some fantastic deals you can find on Black Friday, but there are also some deals that are not as good as they seem. Some items are ideal to buy on Black Friday, but not Read more

6 Truths About Helicopter Parents

My parenting style can be best described as a hybrid mashup—a combination of authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. But if one parenting style was to surface and all others sink, at the end of the day I would emerge a predominantly helicopter parent. The term "helicopter parenting" was coined back in 1990 by child development researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay in their book, Parenting With Love and Logic. Helicopter parents, according to the official definition, take an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of Read more

Top of the Tingles: The ASMR A-List

Relaxation. Euphoria. Tingling. These are the words used to describe the result of an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, trigger. In a piece I recently wrote for Sanity & Self, I describe the concept as "the physical response to auditory, visual, or tactile triggers, usually a tingly sensation similar to feeling chills. Think of the goosebumps you might get when someone whispers into your ear. That’s ASMR. Most experts attribute ASMR’s relaxing sensations to the release of endorphins, Read more

Self-Discovery Questions to Ask Yourself Each Day

In today’s uber-connected world, it’s so easy to get caught up in your phone wherever you go. Whether you're responding to work emails, organizing your kids’ schedules, or updating your Instagram, the hours can fly by before you know it. While this is certainly convenient, it can become unhealthy if it turns into a habit. Because we’re all so busy, your mental health could be suffering and you wouldn’t even know it because you’re too preoccupied to pay attention Read more

Self-Care With Hygge

Taking time for yourself as a mom can be difficult between appointments, errands and keeping everyone fed, on time and in clean clothes. Finding ways to fit in self-care and moments to yourself are so important, even short breaks can have a positive impact on your day. One shortcut to make sure you get the change to recharge is make your house ready for relaxation whenever you are. You may have heard of it as an emerging decor trend, hygge Read more

5 Ways to Declutter Your Home and Mind

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Clutter can come in many forms. From physical clutter like things you don’t use, you don’t know the purpose of, or you don’t have a place for, to psychological clutter which is anything that creates guilt, anxiety, or the feeling of being overwhelmed, clutter has a way of consuming your life. 

Especially now that roughly 40% of people are working from home, clutter can build as kitchen tables double as classrooms and bedrooms as offices. Studies show that clutter can negatively impact mental well-being and that it can induce a physiological response, including increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Experts even say clutter can begin to represent the pent up negativity in our lives and translate to increasing feelings of depression. 

When clutter takes on a life of its own, personifying our inner anxieties and giving them a voice it’s time to kick it out. A clean and clear home is a clear headspace for not only you but your family!  Read more

How Can Music Therapy Improve Your Hearing?

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Music, they say, is the universal language. Even if you don’t understand the words to a song and even if you don’t know what a singer is trying to communicate, it’s nevertheless capable of both entertaining and inspiring, of pumping you up or inspiring deep emotions. There’s even research to suggest that music has actual, measurable psychological benefits.  Read more

4 Health Issues That Shouldn’t Cause Embarrassment

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Many women across the world are suffering from the same health problems, but they are too ashamed to talk about them with their loved ones. However, the more conversations that are started, the less of a stigma will be attached to the various conditions that are affecting women of many ages and backgrounds. Keep reading to discover the four taboo health issues that shouldn’t cause embarrassment. Read more

Me Time: The Benefits of Spending Time Alone

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Women wear so many different proverbial hats, it’s sometimes impossible to keep track of them all. Some of us are mothers, daughters, employees, friends, housewives…the list goes on. With everything we have going on, the thought of spending time alone, with just ourselves and our thoughts, is often non-existent. While it may seem like last on the “to-do” list, it’s important to step back and put yourself in the position to spend some time alone so you can relax and show yourself some love. Below are some benefits of finding solitude in your life! Read more

How to Host a Virtual Trivia Night

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So you think you’re a genius, huh? Test your knowledge by playing virtual trivia. Whether the topic is sports or science, trivia is a great way to flex your intellectual prowess and pick up some fun facts. This guide on how to host a virtual trivia night has everything you need for a Jeopardy!-style game night. Also included are some virtual prizes to get the competitive juices flowing. Game on! Read more

How to Productively Work From Home With Your Kids This School Year

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If you’re going to be working from home as your kids participate in remote learning this school year, it’s important to start your preparations as early as today. This back-to-school season is going to look very different from past years, and so will your standard workday. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make each work and school day smoother and more productive. Read more

How to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter and Spend More Intentionally

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Once a new season comes around, most of us are looking to hit the refresh button. The refresh button commonly is cleaning out your whole house to only hold organized ideas that you still care about. Even more commonly, we have those spots that hold items that pull at your heartstrings. This could be anything from your childhood teddy bear to a passed down family chair that sits in your basement going unused. 

With fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to say goodbye to sentimental clutter. Even though it can be hard, it can be more than worth it. Keep reading for our free printables to help you and your family keep your head in the cleaning game.  Read more

Creative Home Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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With parents spending more time on homeschool than ever before, it may be tough to keep the house organized. From keeping the kids busy to caring for the pets and staying on top of daily cleaning and upkeep, life has definitely become a bit hectic for many of us. 

It’s time to get creative with your home life. Use these easy home hacks to keep your house clean and running smoothly! Whether you need to do a quick cleaning sweep of the kitchen or figure out how to get the skunk smell off your overly-curious dog, these tricks will help.  Read more