MUDD and Moving Makes Me Mainly Manic

We are finally “in” the new rental house, but far from unpacked. Littered around us is our life in boxes, bags and blue oversized totes. And we’re now at the part I dread the most – finding a place for everything; the perfect nook and cranny for every last “thing.” With so many thoughts to process, my MUDD is officially in overdrive. I cannot keep a thought together or complete an action without being sidetracked or lured by five or six other things sitting there screaming at me “PUT ME AWAY!” I pick up something, look around for the perfect place, set it down somewhere, pick up another object, look around, set it down…a vicious cycle. On top of trying to put things away, I’m also trying to get the Mt. Fiji of laundry caught up, take care of a teething Aless (damn those upper teeth!), clean behind everyone, get ready for Cade’s grandparents to arrive on Friday, work. Oh my ‘lantis. I’m tirrrrrrrrrred.

I’m so tired I’m drifting off while writing this post. Forgive me if I click “Publish” after my drooping forehead plops hieroglyphics onto the screen.

So tell me…How was your last move? MUDD-inducing? Or easy as pie?

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