No, You Do NOT Have Low T

Aless woke up at 3:30 again yesterday morning. Rather than sit there like a couple of mutant zombies, Pontilicious and I turned on some early morning programming otherwise known as the infomercial mosh pit of ick. It’s always the same old miracle stain removers, photoshopped abs and vacuum cleaners that could suck up small planets. OMG! There goes Uranus! Grab it! No, don’t, really. That’s just weird and gross.

Between the ick, there were a few actual commercials. One of them was promoting fixes for something called Low T. The commercial didn’t get too detailed with respect to what exactly Low T is and who is affected by the condition. It more or less made it seem simple and superficial, like dudes sometimes run out of steam. This left Pontilicious with questions – early morning, pre-rooster, I’m a delirious human kind of questions.

ME: You?
ME: Good gawd, no. You have High T. You have uppity! Like off the charts T.
PONTILICIOUS: That’s good?
ME: Well, it depends on which angle you’re looking at it from.

I tried to find the commercial that we watched, but neither of us could remember the name of the company or product. I did find this similar beauty (Mom – do not click):

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