6 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage Before It's Too Late

When you first meet someone and pass the courting stage you will probably enter a period where you enjoy sex at every opportunity you get, this could be daily or twice daily.  However, every couple experiences a reduced need for sex as the relationship becomes more comfortable.  This does not mean the love has gone, rather that the time available has reduced.  Commitments at work and at home will often drain you physically and emotionally leaving very little time Read more

What to Do if Your Teenager or Young Adult Has a Drug Problem

Drug addiction can happen at any age, and nobody is exempt from the risk of becoming an addict. Teenagers may become addicted to drugs for a number of different reasons, whether they started trying a drug simply to experiment or have fun or as a result of more serious underlying issues such as depression, anxiety or chronic stress. If your teenager is using drugs and continues to use them despite the real risks of harmful consequences, you may need Read more

8 Surprising Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

We humans need our sleep. Most of us feel at our best when we have had around seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. We then wake up full of the joys of life, ready to face the world. It is a different story if you haven’t slept well. You wake up feeling like death, hollow-eyed and groggy, and then spend the rest of the day fighting to stay awake. Everyone has a few bad nights here are there, usually when kids Read more

Women’s Guide to Anti-Aging Skin

You can never start too early to prevent your skin from showing signs of ageing. What you need is the right skincare and lifestyle tips to send them packing. Here are some tips to help you save face. Pack Your Moisturizer No matter what moisturizer you use, anything that will soften your skin will go the distance to giving you supple skin that is less likely to show wrinkles. However, there are some ingredients that will make your skin even softer, Read more

How Not to be a Debate (or Discussion) Dickhead

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On Facebook yesterday I added my thoughts to a discussion regarding the human impulse to take initiative. I commented that I believe initiative is sometimes tied to work ethic and character – which I stand behind. Well let me tell you, I set off a shitstorm. Sadly, most of those referring to my comment failed to follow the rules of a civil debate and were actually, in my opinion, extremely rude. Now, I’m not going to point out the discussion or name names, because that would be breaking the number one rule of etiquette – that we do not point out others’ gaffes or shortcomings.  I can be a big ole’ bitch and curse like a sailor 80 percent of the time, but I also know where the line is between being civil and just being a dickhead. I used to be a dickhead. It has taken me many years to learn to keep it real and nice.

Here’s where mistakes were broken yesterday. Read more

Darian’s Fresh Maine Apple Crisp Recipe

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My oldest son Keith went apple picking yesterday with his girlfriend, Darian, Caden and my soon-to-be baby granddaughter, Genavera. When they got back home, Darian made the most incredible apple crisp – putting a spin on an original apple crisp recipe. Without her permission (hehe), I am sharing it here (I know she won’t mind). Here she is, by the way (gorgeous, eh?): Read more

Vogue Hommes Cover – Sexy or Offensive?

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Am I the only woman on the planet who finds this image sexy rather than offensive? Seriously. When I first looked at this cover of Vogue Hommes magazine, I didn’t see violence. I didn’t see a woman being choked out against her will. I saw another sexual revolution unfolding. Here we have this obviously much younger man passionately taking control – or the lead, if you will as not to offend – of this obviously much older woman. He is not demonstrating aggression, rather assertion. She is not resisting, but embracing.  A little bit of research confirmed my interpretation. Read more

MommiFried’s Flava’ful Tangy BBQ Crockpot Chicken

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I’m starting to think I should name this blog Crockpot Lady because I’m doing a lot of crockpot cooking lately. It’s so easy, so delicious at the end of the day. And the best part is that I am once again experimenting with recipes – putting my own spin on things. Below is a recipe for BBQ crockpot chicken that I whipped up yesterday morning. By the time it’s done it literally falls apart and melts in your mouth, so consider throwing together some sandwiches and serve with chips. Enjoy!

Read more

Oh F**king A – Sing It

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We have a very unconventional household. We are loud, obnoxious and on most days, all but kill each other. My 19-year-old, Adam, walked into the house a short time ago singing:

“Oh f**king A, oh f**king A….”

This IS normal behavior around these parts, but is still cause for concern. So naturally, I asked him why the hell he was singing “oh f**king A”. Here’s how it went down: Read more

MommiFried Now Featured on Alltop!

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I’ve been on cloud nine since yesterday when I received an email from the folks at Alltop. MommiFried was accepted for inclusion on their site – which is a big deal.  I’ve been a huge fan of this site for years, using it daily for content inspiration when posting to my clients’ social media accounts. I’m also thrilled to be joining a great lineup of mom blogs including The Bloggess, 5 Minutes for Mom, Amalah, CityMama, Whoorl and others. Check it out:

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6 Best Online Communities for Moms

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By day, I work as the Senior Community Manager of one of the largest online communities in the world and a site that is in the top 20 globally. It’s been a journey since I started in 2004 and a major learning experience. Because of my work, I’ve spent a lot of time in other communities, especially those that serve a particular market or focus on a certain topic. What I’ve discovered is that some of the best communities out there cater entirely to moms. The six listed below are the best of the best – active, engaging and welcoming to moms at every stage of motherhood. Read more

My Favorite Pins of the Week

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It’s no secret…I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. Whether managing my clients’ various accounts or pinning to win something, I absolutely adore this social media platform. Here are a few of my favorite pins from this week:

We all need to do a little Poe Dancing via You Know it Happens at Your House Too‘s board TEE HEE:

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