Pontilicious Moment: The New Keurig

Did I mention my husband is 15 years younger than I am? Yes, indeed. He’s in great shape and definitely a looker, which has earned him the nickname (given by me) Pontilicious (Ponti being our last name and the rest is self-explanatory). Pontilicious happens to have an outgoing, quirky sense of humor, which was no exception this morning even after another sleepless night.

Shortly after waking up, I tried once again to use our new Keurig. Fail! Upon calling him and having him once again show me how to use this electronic mystery, I popped in a divine French toast-flavored K-cup. What an aroma! After mouthing a few “yum, yums,” I encouraged him to have a cup with me, knowing full well that he does not drink coffee. His clever response: “Unless this baby brews energy drinks, not a chance in hell.” And there you have it. A Pontilicious Moment. And one heck of a business opportunity for someone – Red Bull?

Keurig 2 – Crystal 0

Until we meet again.

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