Stupid Is As Stupid Does – Apparently


It’s been awhile since I’ve gone off on a mad tangent. I’m about to do just that, so either cover your eyes or quickly click to the next post. I won’t be offended. The thing is, I’m pissed. Right down to the core ticked off at the apparent stupidity of some people in our society. I know. It’s not nice to call people names or insult them. Well…Who in their right mind showers the rich with wedding gifts because they accidentally discover their wedding registry online? These people did and have – in outrageous numbers. What really irritates me is how pompous that little QB looks sitting there ON TOP of the gifts he’s received, which are thrown into a HEAP. One huge messy pile of wasted money. Money that could have gone into a child’s education or to help the needy.

According to this article, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is going into the second year of his guaranteed $21-million rookie contract and stands to make quite a bit more in salary and endorsements throughout his career. That’s more than what most people make in thirty lifetimes! Here are a few reasons fans cited for dumping money into tea cups and bed sheets rather than something more important:

  • A 24-year old Redskins fan who works in the non-profit sector for a Virginia group that fights hunger (yep),bought Griffin and his fiancee a set of Brita water filters for $30. He claims he’ll be skipping happy hour this week and thinks it’s kind of funny he bought Griffin a gift.
  • A 30-year old from Anne Arundel County who bought RGIII and his fiancee a pair of spoon holders for $8, claims his decision was just off-the-wall and goofy.
  • A 31-year old from Charlotte said it wasn’t as much about Griffin as it was about being a diehard Redskins fan.

I get passion and the love of sport. I’m a New England Patriots fanatic. But you would NEVER catch me buying one of the players a gift. Not considering how much they make and the obvious lack of respect for the gifts received. I don’t care what kind of thanks ya’s are being posted on Twitter.

Forrest Gump was absolutely right. Stupid is as stupid does – apparently.

What do you think…Am I just being grumpy or is this just completely batship crazy stuff?

BTW – RGIII – Etiquette dictates that you send handwritten thank you notes within 30-days of receiving a gift. Get busy.

Image via @RGIII (Twitter) 

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13 Responses to Stupid Is As Stupid Does – Apparently

  1. Tamara

    Oh, I agree! People can so what they want but you won’t catch me ever doing it! I have trouble enough affording gifts for my non wealth friends. I often give photography as a gift!
    Tamara recently posted..Challenges, Struggles, Confessions.My Profile

  2. Ginny Marie

    Wow, that is crazy! I guess people will do anything to try to get noticed by a celebrity. Not me!
    Ginny Marie recently posted..32 QuestionsMy Profile

  3. The Dose of Reality

    UGH! Well, if you’re grumpy then so am I. What waste. Sure, people have the right to throw their money away if they like, but good grief. I think it’s the picture of the stuff in a heap that sends me over the edge. It just seems like such a joke/disrespectful. That money could have gone to the Red Cross to help the people in Oklahoma..or any of a thousand better causes than this. BAH! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..The Best Part Of Waking Up…My Profile

  4. Bev

    Ugh, how cocky does he look in that photo? I’m with Lisa, I think it’s the photo that is the worst part of the whole thing.
    Bev recently posted..A Little Bit of Culture (and Ice Cream) to Fill Me UpMy Profile

  5. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    I am actually surprised that so many people sent gifts. It would never occur to me to send someone I didn’t know a gift.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Outside His RoomMy Profile

  6. Science of Parenthood

    Love your etiquette suggestion. Bet he won’t look so smug when he’s got writer’s cramp!

  7. Norine of Science of Parenthood

    And PS: how bout a little gratitude!
    Norine of Science of Parenthood recently posted..Mommy Math: Time-Lapse EditionMy Profile

  8. Mariann

    Sometimes I just don’t know about people. (smh) Every day the little bit of hope that I have left in mankind gets sucked out of me.
    Mariann recently posted..This is NOT Your HomeMy Profile

  9. Michelle

    My guess is all these people want is to be noticed by the celebrity. It’s crazy. For what? 2 seconds of twitter fame? Just plain wasteful and silly.
    Michelle recently posted..5 Top Take Away Tips for a Successful Blog from Bloggy Boot CampMy Profile

  10. Nellie

    This. is. in. sane!!!! WTF? and he twit pics it? give me a BREAK rg3. I LOVE sports but I would NEVER give a player any damn thing (pardon my french) and for him to be so darn pompas! ugh!
    Nellie recently posted..My Prom Story – A VlogMy Profile

  11. Angela

    And we wonder why athletes continue to behave badly? Because society continues to reward them!
    Angela recently posted..Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Remember WhenMy Profile

  12. Dana

    What a waste of hard earned money. You’re not grumpy, you are right. It’s like the goodie bags celebrities get at awards shows – worth more than most people make in a month. Like these people need more stuff? Seriously.
    Dana recently posted..I Blog because I’m a LoserMy Profile

  13. Alexa (Kat Biggie)

    I agree wholeheartedly. Stupid people.
    Alexa (Kat Biggie) recently posted..Tiny Has MovesMy Profile

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