Thankful for Blogging (and BlogHer)

If you’re here visting from BlogHer, welcome! I’m so happy you stopped by. It was a major rush to get the news the other day that I would be featured on their home page and Career & Business section. It’s also funny, because I was a little disappointed in how that particular post turned out. Goes to show, you just never know!

Today, of all days, it’s ironic that BlogHer is spotlighting my work. It’s been exactly four months since I started this blogging adventure. My first post went live on July 1, 2012, two days after I fuddled endlessly with a theme and getting things all set up on WordPress. I remember that day vividly, because I was filled with excitement, yet so terrified at the same time. Unlike blogging to generate awareness of a product or brand, I was jumping into blogging mainly because I needed and craved an outlet.

Working from home and having an infant can leave you feeling very isolated and disconnected from the world. I was feeling this way for months, even before having my daughter. Blogging has brought me back to life – literally. It has forced me to once again engage in activities that I had given up or neglected because I was so immersed in work and taking care of my baby. I’m baking, crafting, crock potting, checking out the latest in fashion, reading books and, most importantly, writing again. I’m engaging in these activities, because I have rediscovered my lost love for them and, quite honestly, because I blog about them daily. No activities means fewer posts!

Blogging is my release and it really is exciting. It’s also terrifying, which brings me to a confession. I started MommiFried for me, but like most bloggers, I also secretly wanted an audience. I wanted to share my life story, my MUDD moments and my career highs and lows with others, but I had no blooming idea if people would discover my blog or read my posts. Why would anyone outside of my friends and family care about what I have to say or what happens in my life?

As I became immersed in this world of blogging – particularly the world of mommy blogging – I found my answer. Much in the same way that I’ve discovered new blogs and made new friends all around the blogosphere, others are doing the same. I enjoy reading posts from fellow bloggers and following along in their daily travels. By doing so, I’m learning a ton of new things and experiencing parenting, work and life through the eyes of others. Likewise, many bloggers (and non-bloggers) have discovered MommiFried and are now part of this little community that I’m trying so hard to cultivate. See! I’m gardening again, too! 🙂

Blogging has opened doors that just four short months ago I didn’t even know existed; like being featured on BlogHer! I’m enjoying every second of this adventure and so thankful that I took the plunge. It was a BIG first step, but if you’re considering starting your own blog, take it! Don’t be afraid to at least test the waters.

A special thanks to Paula Gregorowicz, Career & Business Section Editor at BlogHer, for giving me the opportunity to share my work and experiences with other hard-working ladies. You DO pluck women off the hamster wheel of overwhelm, struggle, and self-doubt. I’m proof, feeling more confident today than I did yesterday.

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  1. Heather

    Blogging is such a great outlet! I think it’s a bond that connects all of us, a reminder that we’re not the only one going through everything that we’re going through!
    Heather recently posted..Calculating the Candy TaxMy Profile

  2. Jamillah

    I love, Love, LOVE the quote at the tope of your post. I too can agree with your post. Blogging has given way to new friendships, and opportunities that I had no idea about.
    Jamillah recently posted..When Business Cards Attack!My Profile

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