The Power of a Share and Why Google+ is Boss


Yes, I’m back tooting the horn of Google+. But I’m also talking about how powerful the act of sharing is online. Let’s start with the share. Sharing info – things we love, things we hate, funny stuff, sad stories – is one of the oldest forms of human interaction. People love to share tidbits of info and boast about all the things they really enjoy (or hate). And with the Internet, sharing has never been easier. Today’s web properties – whether an e-commerce site, a niche blog, a company web page or something in between – are share-ready, equipped with the latest in sharing tools and buttons. All it takes is one click to refer a post, product or page to a friend, colleague or relative.


As a blogger or marketer, you want people sharing and resharing the content that you’ve created and also the content that you have shared via third-parties. Sharing helps create awareness which, in turn, helps a brand (and blog) grow. Take a look at just how prevalent sharing is:


The good news? It’s not too late to begin more actively sharing and positioning your content to be shared. The world average of sharing things online currently stands at only 24%. That means digital sharing is still in its infancy.


Now, let’s talk a little bit about Google+. Below is an infographic from Addshoppers breaking down the demographics of the average sharer, what categories are shared most often and what the value of a share is on each platform (i.e. Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.).

As the infographic points out, not all shares are created equal. Email sharing is a very personal and deliberate one-to-one (or many) act. For these reasons, it outperforms all other platforms when it comes to sharing info, images, ads and so on online – worth a staggering $17.93 a share. A referral from Google+ is worth an average of $10.78, compared to a Facebook referral at $2.35 and a Twitter referral at $1.62.

If you’re wondering why Google+ outperforms the others, here’s a great explanation from Joe Scuderi on a post by Denis Labelle:

“I think it’s very easy to click the Facebook like. It shows very little commitment. The same for sharing, really, though perhaps it requires a bit more. But what I think G+ is pioneering is the sense of digital community. If you share with your community, you’re making a deep commitment to the quality of what you share.”

This is one of the reasons I keep stressing for Google+ adoption. If you’re not on there yet, you need to be – NOW. There’s no more time or room for procrastinating when online sharing is set to explode and Google+ is predicted to be the market leader. The more people who join Google+, the higher the numbers with respect to this platform. Get yourself on there today!


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  3. Michelle

    Great info Crystal! I love twitter, and I do share on Google + too, but I will definitely be paying more attention. And I will definitely be sharing this post!
    Michelle recently posted..Backup Plans = Peace of MindMy Profile

    • Crystal

      Thanks, Michelle! I wish I could get Twitter to work better for me. I just find it so labor intensive compared to other platforms. Been using Hootsuite more to assist with posting some updates. That seems to help. 🙂

  4. Andrea

    You my friend are a social media guru, at least by my standards. This blogging business is more work than I thought. I need to really take the time to develop my site from a marketing standpoint. Consider this post shared.
    Andrea recently posted..Too Busy to Die & Too Sick to LiveMy Profile

    • Crystal

      Thank you ma’am! And if I can help in any way, just give me a shout. 🙂

  5. Tamara Camera

    You’re definitely a guru. I signed up for Google+ way back when and then watched it fizzle so I forgot about it for years. Now I am back and ready to connect and share.
    Tamara Camera recently posted..The Hollow.My Profile

  6. Felicia

    I agree with you that Google+ is very valuable, both in terms of getting good traffic and obtaining useful information. I find Google+ and Pinterest both helpful for information gathering and attracting quality followers.
    Felicia recently posted..Positive ParentingMy Profile

  7. Mothering From Scratch

    {Melinda} I’m on Google +, but really haven’t explored it too much. Keeping up with all the platforms can seem overwhelming at times! 😉 We’ve been spending a lot of energy on Pinterest and have seen some very nice returns from that. Thank you for this very informative post … you definitely do a great job of keeping us up-to-date. I appreciate that!
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..MOMtor monday: are you sliding into summer?My Profile

  8. The Dose of Reality

    We’ve *just* started trying to get into Google+. We need to keep up with it. It’s hard starting a new platform. You don’t see a lot of return at first and it’s frustrating. We’ll have to hand in there!
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Comment on “Arie” Ready To Find Out The Big Winner?! by The Dose of RealityMy Profile

  9. Ilene

    Great information – especially the way you were able to quantify it. Thank you for this!
    Ilene recently posted..Fierce Parenting: Listening Changes EverythingMy Profile

  10. Elena

    Great post; very informative! I had no idea about a lot of this! I’m just getting familiar and comfortable with Google+ but I’m lovin’ it! I pinned this to many boards :o) Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Kimber

    Great and compelling information. Thanks for sharing and the kick in the bum to get more active on Google+
    Kimber recently posted..Free Father’s Day Printable Subway ArtMy Profile

  12. Nomita (ebabee)

    Very useful and enlightening info. I am on G+ but I think I need to learn how to use it better. Do you by any chance know of any good tutorials out there?
    Nomita (ebabee) recently posted..Looking forward to Winter…My Profile

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