Top 25 Family Blogs – MommiFried Was Nominated!

Forget Romney. Move over Obama. You want MOMMIFRIED! Time is of the essence! I need your help in getting MommiFried into the Top 25 Family Blogs of 2012 on Circle of Moms! The blog was recently nominated for this coveted list (Thanks unknown groupie! I owe you one!). You’re probably sick of me asking for your vote, but this one is pretty important to mommy bloggers like me.

Although I may seem competitive – okay, I am – I have a higher purpose for wanting to place on this list and also generate awareness of MommiFried in general. The major goal of my blog is to give back at some point. I’d like to build up readership and reach and eventually kick off a project that helps first-time moms experience the joys of having a baby shower. So many first-time moms, especially young moms or those going it alone, go into labor unprepared. It might be because they are having it difficult financially or it could also be that the people in their lives did not take time to do a shower for them. Every mom deserves to experience this joy. And it could be a big help for them, too. I hope to get sponsors and volunteers on board in the near future. All in time, as my grandmother used to say.

So, what’s important about this list? Placing in the Top 25 Family Blogs opens the door to 6.5 million Circle of Moms‘ moms. They will have direct access to MommiFried through this platform, which is really cool. So please vote and vote daily! Thank you!

Circle of Moms is searching for mom bloggers who focus on capturing and chronicling all the precious moments and stories of their family’s everyday life. I’m asking for your help and daily vote to place MommiFried in the coveted Top 25 Family Blogs.

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  1. another jennifer

    I just voted! Always happy to support a fellow blogger from Maine. 🙂
    another jennifer recently posted..Mother of the year momentMy Profile

    • Crystal

      Thank you! 🙂 We Maine bloggers need to start a forum somewhere. Or is there one already?

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