Vacation Time!

I’m officially on vacation this week which means rather than working 26 jobs, I’ll only be working 25. Yay! Remarkably, there are a few things on the agenda this time around. We hope to visit Stonewall Kitchen down in York. There’s a magnitude of things there that I can add to my Pinterest board, “Food Sure to Make My Butt Grow” but the one thing I am not leaving without is their brand new Chocolate Strawberry Jam. Oh yum. 

The other item on the agenda is the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland. The highlight of this event is The Great International Lobster Crate Race. So much fun to watch and obviously extremely difficult to win. Never heard of a lobster crate race before? Well brave people of all ages, sizes and skill levels try to masterfully jump across partially submerged lobster crates lined up in the frigid cold Atlantic Ocean. The winner is the person who runs the most crates before falling into the water. Burrr!

I’m also planning on watching a season of The Vampire Diaries I missed via Netflix and maybe sneaking in a little bit of Sons of Anarchy. We just finished watching all of Friday Night Lights – what an amazing series that was!

So, yeah. A lazy day today. And not a whole heck of a lot planned the rest of this vacation week.

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