Walking, A Bittersweet Milestone

Aless recently started walking as shown in the video below (little bugger). She took her first steps at just 9-months-old and at 10-months, it was official. It’s crazy to see such a tiny, little thing running across the floor! Crawling is only an option now when we try to put shoes on her. She detests anything on her feet, even socks. You’d think we were sticking her tootsies into freezing water or hot coals! Silly girl!

[fbvideo id=”10151188481749235″ height=”303″ width=”616″]

For me, of all the milestones, walking is the most bittersweet. It’s exciting to see our babies grow and do new things, but it also means they’re becoming independent. And Aless is already showing a fiercely independent side. Argghh! I just want to hold her forever and keep her sheltered from the world. Has anyone figured out how to bottle the babyness yet?

Oh! Remember the dancing baby from the 90’s TV show Ally McBeal? All I think of when I see Aless walking is the surrealism of this baby getting down. Check it out:

Baby Cha-Cha

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  1. another jennifer

    Walking is such a big milestone. Now you’ll be chasing her everywhere!

    Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS Day!

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