Where the hell did Ann Curry go?

I must have been living under a rock the past few months because I missed some major news stories, including the one about Ann Curry being ousted as the co-anchor of Today. What.The.F. I had a chance to catch up and view her farewell on YouTube. Wow! Not only did she suffer a major public humiliation, she literally fell apart on national television – genuinely. Really, what were the bitches behind this dumbass move thinking?

“They” blame the recent ratings drop on Ann. Supposedly “they” didn’t think she dressed the way the public wanted her to dress and that she refused to dye her graying hair. Wow people! Nice way to piss off the entire population of aging women in America – one of your most important and engaged audiences. Must be a lot of male “theys” behind the scenes.

Ann Curry may not have been as spicy and sarcastic as Meredith Vieira and she might be as serious as a nail gun in a glue shop at times, but she has been the epitome of excellence for NBC. I trusted her because she didn’t project a fake persona. She was all heart.

I think the changes the producers and execs made are ridiculous. The show itself is getting stale – stagnant and still reeks of Couric’s aftershave. Grow some balls and do the right thing. Toss the dead, outdated, balding weight that thinks so highly of themselves they cannot see past their fake tans and Armani suits. Namely, Matt Lauer and Al Roker need to go. Don’t get me wrong. I have loved these two gentlemen over the years, but this is business. They have evolved into little narcissistic soldiers. They seem more like actors with scripts, than genuine hosts and anchors reporting the news and sharing the stories America needs and wants to hear. Their time has come.

Had I been at the helm, I would have kept Ann and let Ann do Ann. We have loved her for being the person she is – quirky, classy and a true humanitarian. I would have chopped Matt, Al, Natalie, Hoda (who the hell is that anyways?) and Kathie. Just a ridiculous mismatch of personalities and way past their expiration dates. Savannah Guthrie? Are you f-ing kidding me? Why? It’s laughable.

Had I been at the helm, I would have kept Ann. And added Oprah as co-anchor. Take that bitches.

Ann – keep doing you. We love you.

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  1. cindy staelens

    I was in New York in April of this year and went to the Today Show. She was kind of enough to come over and get a picture with me. She is so humble. I told her how beautiful she was and her exact words back were,”girl I have so much makeup on you can frost a cake”. I have never forgot that coming from a professional who is in the puplic eye everyday. She is truly an honest person in my eyes. I love you and miss you Ann.

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