You say microwave. I say macrowave.

When we moved into the new place, the microwave, toaster oven AND coffee pot decided to die – like a mass suicide – all within the same week. We just got around – well, Nick just got around – to buying a new one today. Upon taking it out of the box and using it for the first time, this is how the conversation went (Nick from the kitchen, me in the bedroom at the end of the hall – yeah, we were yelling back and forth):

Nick: I really like this microwave!
Me: It took me five minutes to boil water.
Nick: What? No, it didn’t. How much water?
Me: About a half cup.
Nick: What? No, it didn’t. It has 700 watts! 700!
Me: Most have 1,200.
Nick: Really? So, what you’re saying is this particular microwave is shit?
Me: No, it’s fine.
Nick: No, really. The microwave is shit?
Me: (laughing)
Nick: I saw 700 and thought it was great.
Me: It’s great. It boiled water.
Nick: After 10 minutes.
Me: I said five.
Nick: After five minutes. I’ll return it.
Me: Nah. It does the job.
Nick: Of a macrowave.

Moral of the story – Don’t buy a macrowave.

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  1. Urban Mommy

    And here I was, thinking all that watt business was just another marketing ploy (like “all natural” or “99 percent real fruit”) No wonder it takes me half the morning to make instant oatmeal. THANK YOU!

    • Crystal

      Ha ha! You’re welcome! Sad when a microwave makes us wait. Kind of an oxymoron. 🙂

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