5 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Make

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  1. Tamara Camera

    I think the first one is my #1 social media pet peeve and I have unliked Facebook pages and unfollowed Twitter profiles because of it. It’s just me but if someone has a ton of followers and they’re only following one person, well, they’re not listening are they? I’m probably talking about Brad Pitt here, but still.

    I am bookmarking this post.
    Tamara Camera recently posted..Miss Flo.

    • Jen (Tiny Oranges)

      Agree totally!

  2. Writermomangela

    A great list!

  3. Bev

    Ooh, I agree with Tamara. If I see somehow has thousands of followers but only follows 3 people, I won’t follow them. Although that direct messages I receive on Twitter seem to be automated and asking me to follow them also on another social media site (a pet peeve of mine).

    Great list. I agree it is important to sound genuine and leave thoughtful comments, posts, etc. and to not get overwhelmed!
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  4. Michelle

    Great list! My pet peeve is those automated DM’s people send once you follow them, encouraging you to follow them on Facebook or check out their book, or whatever. I’m much more likely to check out their Facebook page if they write me a personal note.
    Michelle recently posted..Family Favorites {Menu Monday}

  5. Vicki M. Taylor

    Excellent tips. I’m so glad I’m not making any of them, except maybe not posting at optimal times. That is a little hard for me to get right yet. I’m going to tweet this right now. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!
    Vicki M. Taylor recently posted..The Least You Should Know – Capital Letters

  6. Leah @ Always Perfectly Imperfect

    Thank you so much. This was incredibly helpful for a newbie like me. 🙂
    Leah @ Always Perfectly Imperfect recently posted..Itscocktailthirty 101 | A Time Out for Mommy

  7. thedoseofreality

    This is a great list! So helpful. The time thing is so hard…I feel like we are always playing around with that! :)-The Dose Girls
    thedoseofreality recently posted..You’re Going DOWN, Iceman!

  8. Briton

    I agree with all of these…especially number 1 and 2! I try to be sure to respond to everyone that initiates some type of communication with me! It’s just rude NOT to! Stopping in (late) from Sharefest!
    Briton recently posted..Motivational Monday: Making the Most of Your Workout

    • Crystal

      Agree! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  9. RJ

    Very helpful post. 2 or 3 is about all I can handle and even that is difficult.

  10. 2 Girls & A Bikini

    A few months ago I was suffering from “Facebook Page Envy”. A friend of mine had just started her page and within 3 months, she had over 1,500 Likes! I was so jealous! But then I noticed that with all the likes, she only had 20-30 people engaging at any given time.

    So I decided I would rather have 500 likes and more engagement anyday! This list is awesome and really helped me today. I need to work on that timing thing!

  11. Sharon

    I’m definitely in agreement on someone having a ton of followers and only following a few people. Shucks…why ask for followers when you don’t plan on following? I’m a firm believer in commenting. Everybody likes comments, but if you’re not commenting back…shut off your comment button. When I comment, I pay close attention to how many replies the author of the blog does and if he/she is actually paying attention to their comments. Just ranting…
    Sharon recently posted..How to Make an Old Dress into A New Dress!

  12. Brook

    I have a question about Twitter etiquette. Do I thank people for RT and favoriting a tweet. I don’t want to offend someone by not thanking them, but I don’t thank people for Facebook likes so…not sure.
    Brook recently posted..Just Write: This One Life

  13. ConnieFoggles

    I’m guilty of not replying to comments on my blog. When I did, I had a lot more traffic. I have to make changes and do it quickly.
    ConnieFoggles recently posted..Social Media Trip for Social Good #JerseyLove

  14. Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    These are great tips! I find #5 to be one of which I am unsure sometimes – particularly on Facebook.
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Fortress

  15. Pam

    This is helpful-thanks. I really just have my toes in social media right now, trying to really figure it all out. I, too, am guilty of not responding to comments at my blog. I do comment back to the commenter’s blog. A long time ago, I read some advice that said not to reply back at my own blog, because “the commenter may never see it.” I don’t think I should have heeded that advice!
    Pam recently posted..When Momma’s Stressed, Everyone’s Stressed

  16. chasing joy

    These are really great tips. I need to work on posting at the right time.

  17. Paulin

    This is a great list. The hardest one for me so far has been figuring out optimal times during which to post. I often write at night since that is when I have free time. But, I wait till morning to post. Lately, I have been experimenting with posting in the afternoon and I really haven’t seen a change. What do you think of posting at night?
    Paulin recently posted..8 Health Food Shockingly High In Sugar

    • Rabia @ TheLiebers

      Can you write your posts in the evening and then schedule them to go out the next day? I feel like I have the best response with posts that go live before noon. Ideally, I try to use HootSuite to schedule 2-3 tweets for my post at different times during the day. I feel like I can catch more people without being overly annoying.
      Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted..5 Things that Made Me Happy This Week

  18. Rabia @ TheLiebers

    Great tips! I still worry about comments. I can reply in an email but then when you look at my blog it look like I ignore people. I can respond on the blog, but I don’t think people usually get those messages. I try to make a return visit, but again that’s not visible to anyone and sometimes other people don’t have blogs!
    Anybody have advice?
    Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted..5 Things that Made Me Happy This Week

  19. Nichole

    these are great tips. I sometimes fail at #5, because life sometimes get hectic and I remember things late 🙁 I am working on that!!
    Time for me to schedule my posts!!!
    Nichole recently posted..Things I Love Thursday 4/18

  20. Julie M. ~ The Little Red Shop

    Thank you for the great reminders. I prefer to reciprocate by leaving comments on the blogs of people who’ve left comments on my blog. When I comment on a lot of blogs, then receive various “Thank you!” emails, they are lovely, but they can get lost amongst the tons of emails I get from vendors, catalogues, Pinterest…etc…

    : )

    Julie M.
    Julie M. ~ The Little Red Shop recently posted..The Guest Cottage

  21. Arlene Diehl

    Great, simple advice. I love simple. Otherwise, it gets so overwhelming to me!

  22. Denise

    I don’t expect someone to chase me down and respond to a comment unless I actually ask a question. I’m no expert, but if you don’t have a ton of comments to follow up on, it might be best to leave a short response to a comment (to show other readers that you’re paying attention) then pop over to the commentors blog and leave a note there or follow them.
    Denise recently posted..Candy Flick Puts Om Nom in Your House

  23. Ilene

    These are great tips! For a while, I tried to maintain too many social media profiles, and it burnt me out. I had to realize that I didn’t belong on some and “fit” most easily with FB, Twitter, and G+. Thank you for these. There is always room for great advice like this!
    Ilene recently posted..I Will Say Yes

  24. Charlotte

    This is a great list. Sadly, I’m guilty of at least one of these things–posting at optimal times of the day. But it is something I’m working on. Thanks for this and wishing you all the best for a wonderful weekend 🙂 XOXO
    Charlotte recently posted..Is there such a thing as marital status discrimination?

  25. Kim

    Great reminder! It’s the last one that drives me nuts! I hate automating a tweet or post, but sometimes just want to get something out (it’s the OCD in me). Time zones are killer…. Definitely trying to figure out optimal times!
    Kim recently posted..Inspired by Home Depot

  26. Stefanie

    Great advice! And I love the link to the post with the info on optimal posting times. I’m thinking based on the data that it may make sense to move my posts back an hour so they run during a move visible time. Thanks very much!
    Stefanie recently posted..Are Dental Sealants and Fillings Safe for Kids?

  27. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    I saw your article at SITS, and I’m so glad I clicked to read the whole article. You’re right – I need to pay more attention to posting at optimal times during the day. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂
    Lynn from For Love or Funny recently posted..I married him even though I had no idea who he was

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