10 Things I Want to Say to My Gynecologist

Can we skip the weigh in? I’m bloated twenty days out of every month. I don’t need three glaring numbers reminding me to skip Burger King on the way home. Can we do a visual estimation and call it good? She looks larger than last time but is not quite ready for a Richard Simmons intervention works for me. Where’s the panty coat rack? Just once, I’d love to enter an examination room and see a place to store/hang my Read more

The Fake Can of Peas and Choosing Your Parenting Battles

“Mama! Open it!” the three-year-old tyrant demanded. “Aless, I can’t open it! It’s a fake can of peas!” I fired back. “It’s plastic and all molded together. It doesn’t open!” As if this would have ended the war with my stubborn, sleep-deprived toddler. “OPEN IT! NOW, MAMA! NOW!” Red was clouding my vision. Anger morphed into lunacy. I reached for the nearest serrated butcher knife and began hacking away. “God damned, Santa,” I muttered to myself. “Had to bring an entire basket of Read more

How to Survive Walmart in Five Easy Steps

Walmart is a scary place. It’s like the convergence of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa Land with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest all rolled up into a gigantic chocolate-covered meatball. Most of us could trade horror stories about trips to this Prozac-riddled fun park—one of the only places in the world where you can buy guns and ammo, knives and swords, and toys and groceries, yet have to be 18 or older (with a valid ID) to buy Wite-Out. Read more

I’m a Closet Pooper

I have a huge confession to make. I can’t poop when anyone is around. For some reason, I completely freeze up and my shooter shuts down. I call it the emergency shit switch. It’s like a catastrophic event when I need to poop and there are people nearby. The switch gets flipped and shit just stops. Literally. My husband, on the other hand, has an open door policy when using the bathroom. It’s like he needs morale support when taking Read more

Summertime Fun: 4 Backyard Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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excited happy kid boy jumping in pool, water fun

excited happy kid boy jumping in pool, water fun

School’s out for the summer, and all around the country moms are busy coming up with activities to keep our kids happy and active. One great way to do this? Get everyone outside for some family fun time. Although there are plenty of traditional games from which to choose like bocce ball, badminton and Marco Polo, you can also add your own twist to things. You and your kids will all love these backyard activities: Read more

Preventing Your Child’s Identity Theft: It’s a Necessary Step

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Over 13 million people had their identity stolen in some form in 2013, according to a report by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Of those, a growing number of victims are children. A report from the Carnegie Mellon University indicates 4,311 or 10.2 percent of children had someone else using their Social Security number. These numbers have likely grown since the 2011 report. Identity theft is a real concern that parents need to take action to prevent. There are several steps you can take: Read more

Spark Your Kids’ Love of Nature With These Fun Outdoor Activities

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Is your child suffering from nature-deficit disorder? With the advent of the digital age, many of us — adults and children alike — are losing our connection with nature and the wonderful experiences that go with it. If your family could be described as a crew of “indoors enthusiasts,” it’s time to reconnect with Mother Nature and go on an outdoor family adventure. Read more

Helping Your Child Become More Cultured

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Chicago Children's Museum is located at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Children’s Museum is located at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois

As a mom, you want to give your child the best and most well-rounded education possible. From visual stimulation as infants to learning shapes, letters and numbers, a mom understands the importance of always learning.

As Huffington Post notes, educating our kids means exposure to different interests and cultures to expand their tiny minds, boost creativity, instill a passion for learning and help them blossom socially and academically. Below are a few ideas for ways you can introduce your kids to new ideas and experiences while also teaching tolerance and respect to all kinds of cultures and people. Read more

5 Mobile Apps No Mom Should Live Without (Guest Post)

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Today’s moms who stay at home with their children or work from a home office need all the help they can get. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps to not only help keep track of daily activities and events, but also makes parenting generally easier. Mothers nowadays have a lot on their plates. Besides taking care of the house, many also have additional at-home jobs, which mean little shortcuts are needed to stay organized, as well on the lookout to what their children are doing whether they’re online or at a friend’s house.

Here’s our list of five must-have mobile apps that no mom should be without: Read more

6 Tire Maintenance Tips Every Mom Should Know

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One of the most important jobs as a mom is driving your kids around to all their different activities! In the busy daily lives of moms, tire maintenance probably isn’t too high on a to-do list. However, investing in proper tire maintenance can help keep you and your family safe. Below are some tips that every mom should follow and also some important tire information to know that will ensure your family’s safety on the road. Read more

4 of the Best Vehicles for Families

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shutterstock_68546077 (1)

It can be difficult to find the perfect ride for your family because there are so many factors to analyze for each option. You need to look at each vehicle’s price point, capacity, gas mileage and, most importantly, safety ratings. You must also consider the interior design and if it’s best suited for your family. If you have small children, for example, a minivan may be a better choice than a four-door sedan.

Regardless of your unique situation, here are some options worth considering: Read more

5 Blogging Lessons We Can Learn from Supernatural (Guest Post)

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Okay… so the whole zombie thing is cool and all and yes, there are blogging lessons we can learn from the shuffling horrors but personally, I’d much rather be schooled by Sam, Dean, or Castiel of Supernatural. If I’m being honest, perhaps a demon who’s actually a really nice guy despite the horns, glowing eyes, and bulging demonic muscles.

Within its dark, gothic storylines Supernatural bestows 5 more blogging lessons to complement those found in zombie cult classic, The Walking Dead. Read more

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