Wholesome Foods for Energy and Sleep

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Although many of us were already multitaskers, having to hunker down with our kiddos at home has turned us into multitasking phenoms. Being full-time teachers, caretakers, cooks, and playmates to our kids on top of having our own careers or personal goals can lead to physically and mentally exhaustive days and nights. Read more

When Your Mom is Your Best Friend: What Makes the Mother-Daughter Bond so Special

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Mother-daughter bonds are wonderful and the closer the bond the healthier they both are. When examining these bonds, it is apparent that healthy relationships between a mother and her daughter lead to strong women who achieve greatness in their lives. Reviewing what makes the mother-daughter bond so special shows why all women should have this bond with their daughters. Read more

Set Kids Up for Safe Seasonal Fun

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Warmer weather has finally arrived, which means kids will want to spend more time outside. But in the era of coronavirus, we’ve got to be extra careful about getting our kids outdoors. Here are a few tips for parents and other caregivers to help make this spring and summer a safe one so the whole family can avoid emergencies and keep the focus on fun. Read more

Printable Morning Mantras to Start Your Day Right

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Morning mantras are an amazing way to get in the right mindset to conquer the day. With everything going on in the world right now, keeping an optimistic outlook can be tough. Adjusting to a new morning routine and is easier said than done. How can you start off the day on a positive note when you no longer have your usual daily schedule?

Read more

Pet Odor Removal Checklist

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A pet can add an element of excitement and bonding to a family unit. It’s cute and can make the perfect subject for any photo, but it also comes with a set of challenges and higher level of responsibility. Training a pet can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially in the beginning stages. Stains can be embarrassing and hard to clean. However, removing an odor from the carpet can be done in as little as five steps.

With the proper tools and techniques, you can take the stains and odor right out of your carpet. Different flooring materials should be approached carefully so as not to cause permanent damage. Enzyme-based, odor-neutralizing cleansers may be the best option for stain and odor removal. If a smell has sunk deeper into the carpet than you thought, it may take more than one cleansing session to fully remove it. Read more

Financial Literacy: Budgeting Tips for Families

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In the United States, every April is recognized as Financial Literacy Month. April is the perfect time to learn a little about finances and apply it to your own life. While the word “budget” can be daunting for many people, some might not know where to start, and others may be skeptical about changing their current spending lifestyle. But the fact is that everyone needs a thought out and sensible plan when it comes to how you are managing your money. Millions of people live from paycheck-to-paycheck each month, and this can severely hurt not only your credit, but your ability to retire comfortably later in life. Finding items in your budget that you can cut back on, or cut out completely could potentially save you hundreds of dollars every month! Here are some great tips to hone your budgeting skills and build your savings right before your eyes. Read more

How to Talk to Kids About Death

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There’s an endemic going on. No, we’re not talking about obesity or any viruses. We’re talking about the lack of coping skills and emotional intelligence there is in the general population. Think about the oldest generation, the ones the kids call “boomers”. They’re likely your parents age, or maybe your grandparents age.

That generation wasn’t taught to express their feelings, even though they went through World Wars and even fought in them. We’ve seen how bottled up they can be emotionally, and the kind of long-term mental health damage it does. Needless to say, no one wants that for their kids. One of your duties as a parent is to prepare your child for all the things in life, the good and the bad, including losing loved ones.

Need to know how to talk to kids about death? We’re breaking it down into age groups, below. Read more

Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Tips

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The daily grind of work and school is bound to wear down on all members of your family eventually. That’s why it’s so important to make time for family vacations. Not only do these trips provide valuable time your family can spend together, but they also provide a much-needed mental break. Children and adults alike benefit from getting time away from their regular routines to rest and reset. Read more

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