Grandmother Alert! Call Me Grand Mah Mah!

I always knew I had a chance of being a grandmother at young age considering I had my first child at 17. That hunch proved right two months ago when my first-born, Keith, broke the news that he was going to be a daddy. I’ve been on cloud nine ever since! I cannot wait to hold my precious grandchild in my arms for the very first time. But I do have a couple of requests for this unborn child.

First, and most importantly, treat fellow man and woman with compassion and respect. Do not judge others. It doesn’t matter what color a person’s skin is, what race they are or who they choose to spend their life with – everyone deserves to live surrounded by kindness and civility.

Second, since I am only 38 and can do circles around most 20-year-olds, I think I deserve a hip grandmother title. For this reason, I am kindly asking that I not be referred to as Grandma, Gram or Grammie. I would like to be known as Grand Mah Mah – please say it with an accent while turning your nose slightly upwards. Think of the Grey Poupon commercials. Oh yeah.

Grandmothers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short. Some are tall. Most are as lovable as shit (sorry ma!). This Grand Mah Mah (say it with an accent) is going to rock the crazies out of Grandparent Land!

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