How Can Music Therapy Improve Your Hearing?

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Music, they say, is the universal language. Even if you don’t understand the words to a song and even if you don’t know what a singer is trying to communicate, it’s nevertheless capable of both entertaining and inspiring, of pumping you up or inspiring deep emotions. There’s even research to suggest that music has actual, measurable psychological benefits.  Read more

4 Health Issues That Shouldn’t Cause Embarrassment

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Many women across the world are suffering from the same health problems, but they are too ashamed to talk about them with their loved ones. However, the more conversations that are started, the less of a stigma will be attached to the various conditions that are affecting women of many ages and backgrounds. Keep reading to discover the four taboo health issues that shouldn’t cause embarrassment. Read more

Me Time: The Benefits of Spending Time Alone

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Women wear so many different proverbial hats, it’s sometimes impossible to keep track of them all. Some of us are mothers, daughters, employees, friends, housewives…the list goes on. With everything we have going on, the thought of spending time alone, with just ourselves and our thoughts, is often non-existent. While it may seem like last on the “to-do” list, it’s important to step back and put yourself in the position to spend some time alone so you can relax and show yourself some love. Below are some benefits of finding solitude in your life! Read more

How to Host a Virtual Trivia Night

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So you think you’re a genius, huh? Test your knowledge by playing virtual trivia. Whether the topic is sports or science, trivia is a great way to flex your intellectual prowess and pick up some fun facts. This guide on how to host a virtual trivia night has everything you need for a Jeopardy!-style game night. Also included are some virtual prizes to get the competitive juices flowing. Game on! Read more

How to Prevent a 5 A.M. Wake Up From Your Toddler

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Sleep deprived parents often experience the nightmare of early rising toddlers ready to start their day. Here are some essential bedtime tips to manage toddlers sleep schedules and keep them waking up at a time that allows everyone to get the sleep they need. 

Make the Days Busy!

An active toddler is happy toddler whether it be physical or mental activity. The busier your toddler is during the day, the more they will need their full hours of sleep. Days can be spent heading outside to gardens, parks and playgrounds to give them a chance to run around and burn up some energy. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of screen time for your toddler when they want to relax and when you need a little break but it’s important to refrain from overloading on cartoons. Instead, time inside could be spent on creative pursuits like drawing or playing with Play-Doh.  Read more

Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders in Children

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As adults, it is our responsibility to take care of our children — physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We do our best to guide them into a successful adulthood by meeting all their needs and providing for at least some of their wants. It’s a big job, as every parent knows.

Even before birth, we read everything we can find about taking care of our kids and what to do when something happens. There is a lot of advice out there about physical and mental health in children, but some of it is contradictory or confusing. When it comes to our children’s physical health, things are a bit more clear-cut. We are constantly on the alert for symptoms of physical sickness, and we call the doctor at the first sign of trouble. But what about our children’s mental health? This is much more complicated. Read more

How to Productively Work From Home With Your Kids This School Year

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If you’re going to be working from home as your kids participate in remote learning this school year, it’s important to start your preparations as early as today. This back-to-school season is going to look very different from past years, and so will your standard workday. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make each work and school day smoother and more productive. Read more

10 Ways For Mothers To Bond With Daughters

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Being a mom can be a great experience, especially when you have daughters. But how do you connect with your daughters?

First, think about what brings your girl(s) joy, and then see how you can be a bigger part of it. And what better way to bond with your girl(s) than being her confidant and best friend!

In this article, we’ll go over the 10 best ways to connect with your daughter, which make for better bonding and communication: Read more